Monday, 11 January 2010

Day One Hundred & Four - Dotty Dice

I ventured outside for the first time today since Christmas, because finally our pavements are almost completely cleared of snow, ice and slush. It was freezing, but so nice to be out. I wore so many layers I could barely move and decided to dig out a pair of my favourite boots for the occassion. I think these were the first shoes that I paid a lot of money for. They were £100 (which was a lot to me), but I just adored them. They feature a gorgeous Blythe heart shaped image, squared block toe, angular heel, polka dots, cut-out hearts and huge, clunky dice on the laces. They are also incredibly comfortable, cushioned and lined in gold metallic. I don't get to wear them as often these days due to my pink hair clashing with them, but as I was wearing a black hat today, I got away with it. It's a shame I couldn't get a better image of them, the camera hates red, so most of them came out funny.Red polka dot Blythe Dice ankle boots Irregular Choice and black legwarmers Accessorize

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