Monday, 18 January 2010

Day One Hundred & Ten - The Sculpture

I've been busy this weekend putting more things up on ebay. I desperately need the money, so I'm selling these shoes. Aren't they an absolute delight? I think it's amazing that we can get something like this from our high-street! If you follow me on Pink Haired Princess you'll know I ended up buying 5 different pairs of these. I'm selling this style in size 5 and 6 and have decided to keep the green suede courts shoes I have. I've already sold the blue suede and black suede boots. The heel speaks for itself, just stunning. You definitely 'teeter' in them, the shoe really throws your weight forward, although the shoes are definitely easier to walk in than the boots.

Ivory statement heel court shoes Topshop Unique


  1. my god, i LOVE your shoes and i LOVE your blog. you got a new follower!

  2. Thank you and welcome! Hope you enjoy reading some of the older entries.


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