Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Day Ninety Nine - Snow Heart

There's been no let-up in this weather. Everytime it gets a little brighter and the ice starts to fade away, a fresh snow shower covers everything and it's worse than ever. I'm starting to think I'll never make it out of the house! I'm fascinated by severe weather conditions and was pretty excited when they cancelled the usual drivel on TV this morning for a special weather news report. I had to laugh at the poor reporters stuck in the wilds, surrounded by snow getting deeper by the minute. The Scottish Borders have closed their snow gates and are now completely shut off from the rest of the country with snow in some places between 4-6 foot! I went to Uni in that area and coming from a seaside town, 'snow gates' and rural conditions were all new to me. I can remember a really bad winter where the snow was up to our knees and you literally had to lift each leg up high to step forward. We eventually managed to clear the wall of snow from our front door and make it down to Tesco where it was a hive of activity with farmers in tractors getting the necessities for those stuck in remote areas. There was hardly any food to be bought because the deliveries couldn't get through and the local radio station were appealing for help for those stranded. There was even a woman who gave birth and couldn't get to hospital and mothers with young babies who needed milk and the whole town really rallied together which I found thrilling. Anyway, another shoe that I could never wear outdoors today and check back tomorrow for our 100th shoe post, how exciting!
Cream and turquoise heart shoes, Contra by Dune and black footless tights with sequin trim, Matalan.

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