Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Day 991 - Shoesday Tuesday

Wearing Irregular Choice black Cherry Deer
Shoes: Black 'Cherry Deer' Irregular Choice 

Of course I had to show off my other deer heels after 'Angel Cakes' last Shoesday Tuesday.
You'd never believe these were a size 6/39 would you?  The toe is so rounded and short, I think they look tiny.  Naturally there is a hint of toe cleavage in a shoe with such a low cut vamp, something my sister hates!  It doesn't really put me up nor down.  Like I said in my original post, I got a really good print placement on mine with full deers on both toes and heels.  The bouncing cherries are just lovely, I feel like these are an updated version of Cherry Loves It, an older style that gathered quite the 'following'.  Cherry Deer don't run quite as small as Angel Cakes, but I'm still glad I sized up.

Fit:  4 3/4" heel and small concealed platform (3/4"), Velcro fastening on strap (fully closes).  Run a little small, I bought a size up to be sure of a better fit.
Comfort:  Can't see any issues with these.   Irregular Choice black Cherry Deer Irregular Choice black Cherry Deer Bambi heels


  1. I love them. I tried mine on the other day as well, but I'm saving them for the challenge - I have an outfit planned for them for a day in London.

  2. I love these (and they are the pair I would have gotten myself if I had the money). Oh pretty and the cherries are super cute!

    1. Yep, the cherries and fabric print alone are sooo cute, but then the heel too! Cuteness overload!

  3. Love irregular choice. These shoes are so fun and cute <3 x

    1. Thank you, yes I imagine I'll not be able to walk too far without gossiping/pointing/staring at these shoes!


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