Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Day 992 - Shoesday Tuesday

Wearing Iron Fist Lollipop Lorelei blue mermaid platform
Shoes: Lollipop Lorelei platform Iron Fist

I'm wondering how many more 'unseen' pairs I have lying around unworn, but surprise myself each week by finding yet another for you!
I've decided I'm not a very good fit for Iron Fist shoes, as much as I love the styles.  I bought these a size larger as the two previous pairs I'd purchased ran very small.  These felt a little big.  I'm not sure if I'd manage to squeeze into the smaller size, but I worry they might slip off the heel when walking as there's that little bit of extra room (especially as your foot naturally slides forwards).  Mind you, it's always easier to fix a shoe that's too big than one that's too small.  They also feel very high...yes I think months of non-shoe wearing has finally meant my legs can no longer stand high platforms and heels!  Say it isn't so ; (  Anyway the mermaid print is absolutely glorious and obviously the reason I fell head over heels for the entire range.  The small studded 'shell' and heel just finished them off nicely and there's even mermaids inside and on the soles! Do you like these?

Fit:  5 1/2" heel and 1" platform.  A little small/narrow.  Half size would be perfect.
Comfort:  Don't think I'll be 'running' around in these for a full day.   Iron Fist Lollipop Lorelei blue mermaid platform Iron Fist Lollipop Lorelei blue mermaid peep toes Iron Fist Lollipop Lorelei gold shell heel detail


  1. Whoa, they are high but SO pretty x

    1. Yeah, think I'll have to ease myself back into such high and thin heels.

  2. I really like the heel and the shell detail. Man they are high!

  3. I LOVE these but then again I am a massive IF fan (sadly my store didn't have these and I think these are the best of the mermaid collection though I did look at the wedges version and debate with myself if I should buy them or not but in the end I opted for other pairs.)


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