Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Day 989 - Shoesday Tuesday

Wearing Irregular Choice brown Antonella
Shoes: Brown velvet 'Antonella' Irregular Choice

Sorry for the lack of posts in the past week, I've just been so tired and lost all motivation, but I'm feeling more focused this week (albeit still pooped).
I wasn't very organised for Shoesday Tuesday as a result, but luckily found these photos taken back in February of a pair of shoes I haven't blogged about yet.  Our house was in the midst of chaos at this point with the renovations as you can see.  Dusty footprints everywhere, no paint and no carpets- thank goodness we're beyond that stage now.  I'm getting very frustrated that my shoe room is still not in progress though, every other room (and garden!) seems to be taking priority but I can't really complain when I'm not well enough to do anything about it myself.  If I get another "6 months, next year, once we get 'x' finished..." I might scream!  Anyway these shoes were the pair I was most obsessed with last year.  It was love at first sight and they had to be mine.  I ended up getting both colours (thankfully) and despite the high heel and platform, they feel quite stable (although I haven't worn them outside yet).  The front vamp felt a little tight, but I think that will stretch with wear, everywhere else the length and width felt fine.  I'm not usually one for velvet (it feels really dated to me) but obviously the large deer on the front is my favourite part.  I used to think it was a bunny because of the longer ears, but since I saw them in the flesh, I'm pretty sure it's a deer.  Whatever it is, it's damn cute.  Do you like these?  

Fit: 6 1/2 heel and 2 1/4" platform, adjustable buckle fastening. A little snug to begin with.
Comfort: Once they've been stretched a little, I don't see any issues. The chunky heel feels very stable.
Wearing Irregular Choice brown Antonella Irregular Choice brown Antonella Irregular Choice Antonella deer detail


  1. I definitely think it's a deer and they are lovely - I'm so cross with myself that I didn't buy these when I had the chance as I now can't find a pair in my size for love nor money.

    1. Are you not a 41? Sure Letsbuyshoes still had lots of sizes inc. that size-I've seen them on eBay too. Yeah let's say "deer". Oh did you get your Bambi heels today? I ordered the black cherries and also the Angel Cakes, excited!

    2. I just got the black cherries, and I LOVE them, but I'm saving them so that I wear them to London next weekend.
      I've managed to get Antonella now and also Tic Tac Toe - £15 from a seller on ebay (I'm more of a 40 now) and I can't believe there were no other bids on either pair! Wore Antonella on Saturday and I love them!!

    3. Brilliant! I wasn't sure about TTT when they first came out, but they've definitely grown on me, I quite fancy them.

  2. I love these shoes, they look so fun!


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