Monday, 8 July 2013

Day 901 - I'm Pouring Crimson Regret And Betrayal

Shoes: Black and red polka dot bow 'Sandra' Red Herring at Debenhams

I bought these shoes a couple of weeks ago on a whim!  Mum and I were in Debenhams and I thought they looked cute, it turned out they were on offer and I left with them.  I don't shop like that nowadays, so I did feel a sense of guilt afterwards.  My shoe-shopping habits have changed a lot over the past few years.  I tend not to buy 'cheap' or high-street shoes  It's basically designer or Irregular Choice these days and that's not a snobby thing,  it's all down to lack of space.  I simply don't have room for more shoes, as much as I'd like them, so I've had to change to quality over quantity and avoid falling into the trap of buying them in every colour 'because they're only £20' and instead save to buy a really special pair.  I actually doubt I have many shoes left in my possession from the first year or so of this blog, because I've given away or sold (quite literally) hundreds of pairs to make room.  So as much as I love the Minnie Mouse cuteness of these (exactly the reason I spotted them), they hurt like hell on their first outing and I'm a little mad at myself for not pausing and considering the purchase.  I don't think I should punish myself or hate on the shoes for one silly little relapse though, I just have to try harder next time!  What are your shoe shopping habits like? Do you buy purely for comfort or style or price or just anything you like?
Wearing:  Red floral dress Pearl Lowe at Peacocks, black satin bow brooch Primark, hairband in full length photo (I ended up taking it off because it was too hot today) gift.
Fit: A snug fit, small platform and 5" heel.
Comfort:  The snug fit meant my toes were hard pressed against the tip of the shoe and that got very uncomfortable when walking.  No blisters or rubbing.   


  1. It's such a shame that they hurt because they look so cute and go perfectly with that dress!

    Like the new hair color:) do you ever think you'll go back to pink though? or has your wardrobe etc. changed too much for pink hair ever again? Just wondering...

    My shoe habits: I try not to buy anything lately unless it's super "me" AND on the cheap. (no room plus impending mortgage = no shopping)

    1. Yeah, they really force your toes forward and they're already quite small fitting. Hmm, I'm not allowed the pink, purely because of how badly it stained everything (bath, clothes, necklaces, bed etc), but I'll always love that colour. I might try a different brand of pink at some point and see if it's less staining.

      Yeah I hate not buying shoes, I don't get into strife for buying makeup and bags, so that's where my money has been going instead. I miss shoes though!


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