Saturday, 20 July 2013

Day 909 - When You Wish Your Bed Was Already Made

Shoes: Navy 'Perine' spike platforms River Island 

Yesterday I had a few technical hitches, much to my annoyance, so I couldn't get on with work at all. Sods law, I was actually in the mood for working after feeling sluggish these past couple of weeks! I think the internet was running in the background or something was going on unseen, as I ended up having to clear the cache, history etc and restart the whole system, which took over an hour to do (it would normally take a few minutes). Everything was 'not responding', Facebook crashed on me 7 times when it was supposedly the only thing I had open and even my pictures/folders wouldn't work properly and the anti-virus scan I run each days which takes under a minute, had been going for an hour and was still only at 1.7%. However once I fired it all back up, it was fine. This was after 10pm though, so I couldn't get much done before bed. I was fuming at wasting 5 hours just trying to get anything to function. Anyway, it was still hot yesterday, thankfully it's cooler this morning. They keep telling us on the coast that it's only low 20's, but it feels much hotter. I looked out these shoes and planned an outfit around it. I can't say I felt summery in navy, but like I said, I don't seem to adapt well to this weather. There are cut-out sections in the back of the bodice of the dress, with little bows, but I couldn't figure out how to photograph that!

Wearing: Polka dot dress H By Henry Holland, leggings Primark, limited edition flower hair clip ASOS.
Fit: Run quite large in length, back zip opening. Heel 5 1/2", platform 1 3/4"
Comfort: Thankfully the massive rubber, grip sole makes them feel much safer as they are super-high.   


  1. Agh they are so cool!!! There's something about pairing fabulously OTT shoes with a simple dress that I just love :D I need more shoes... I have 6 pairs of heels but only 1pair I actually wear because they go with everything and are comfortable!

    1. They are, aren't they? Bit of a strange fit, but I love them once they're on with those spikes : ) yeah can't say I'd wear these anywhere and everywhere because of the height.

  2. Cute shoes. And your hair is beautiful!

    Kate from Clear the Way

    1. thank you, getting a little frustrated with the hair just now because the purple faded so fast : (


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