Sunday, 14 July 2013

Day 905 - Been Around The World And Never Even Left The Room

Shoes: Navy and gold 'Can't Touch This' Irregular Choice 

So yesterday Mum and I went on 'adventures' with the wheelchair. We wanted to go somewhere different, so there's a lovely walk not too far from our house, but somewhere we don't often frequent. It's a little rugged and not built for a wheelchair really, but Mum had sussed it out last week and thought she'd manage. There was only one bit where I had to get out (right at the start) which involved a really steep slope that to be honest I struggled to walk down, so it would've been impossible in the wheelchair. It was so tranquil in parts, mixed with fearing for your life in other bits! There's a stream running through and at one point you're high above it, with a sheer drop at the side of the footpath...I said to Mum "whatever you do, don't let me go"! Mum and I are terrified of dogs too and this is like dog-walkers paradise, I just wish they'd keep them on leads as it's scary to have a big slobbery mouth and teeth at your level!  Read on for some photos...

Wearing: Paris print dress H By Henry Holland, lace vest M&Co, leggings Primark.
Fit: Almost 4" heel, adjustable buckle. Snug fit but I opt for my regular size.
Comfort: My only complaint is it's hard to find the holes in the dark fabric for the buckle (it's also navy on the reverse of the strap).
I didn't have my camera with me, only my phone which was a waste as there were so many wonderful things to capture. My phone did a decent enough job and I thought I'd share some photos with you; a little bridge which I expect a troll lives under (too much Dora?), a meadow that looked liked unicorns would gallop along and the most peaceful lake (with adorable little ducklings which popped out to see us) and then...
...this is glitter, a ton of glitter on the footpath. I can't think why anyone would be carrying a pot of glitter along here (and by gum, it would've been a massive pot), so my mind goes to fairy dust. It has to be, right? Even my Dad thinks so.


  1. Wow that place is magical! Am envious you have such a lovely paradise near by. :)

  2. That dress is beautiful and works perfectly with those shoes!
    It looks like you and your mum had an amazing walk, it looks beautiful from the pictures and I LOVE that you found fairy dust!!! X

    1. thank you, yes we did. I have no rational explanation for all that glitter! What's great is that it's trailed all the way through the path now from people trodding in it.

  3. I love these shoes! They're gorgeous in the navy and gold, but they're like gold dust now (shame they're not like fairy dust, you could have pointed me in the right direction).
    I am a huge Irregular Choice fan, which brought me to your blogs and inspired me to start one myself.
    I have Can't Touch This in 5 different colours already (some of which I've seen that you have too), but there's a few more hard to find colours that I'd really like and these are top of my list!

    1. Aren't they just? I'm still trying to find a couple of floral pairs I let slip through my fingers last season when I didn't have any money. I love the florals with the pandas incorporated into them too, such a comfortable shoe to wear.


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