Thursday, 4 July 2013

Day 898 - You Taste Like Whiskey When You Kiss Me

Shoes: Amethyst globe 'Lady Dragon' Vivienne Westwood Anglomania & Melissa

It's been a bit of a hectic week for me so far, with my nephews to look after. I've been pushed for time all round, so this outfit is from yesterday. I can't recall the weather or what I did, but I found this dress which hasn't been worn (obviously) since the warmer weather last year. I know I've been wearing my Lady Dragon's a lot lately (especially these, my cherries and the aqua/coral hearts), but it's summer, so I'm getting my wear out of them while I can. I do own lots more colours that seem to be at the bottom of 'shoe-mountain' and having found two spiders in the vicinity, I'm not keen to disturb the site! I'm hoping by the time next season comes, I'll have my shoe room and clambering on top of stools, using coat hangers to reach and grab shoe boxes and almost being killed by shoe-box avalanches (happens a lot) will be a thing of the past. I might also get my second wardrobe back, which is completely inaccessible for shoe-mountain right now and filled with IC's. Oh what an easy life it would be ; )

Wearing: Yellow floral sundress River Island, black leggings and cardigan Primark, orchid flower hair clips ASOS.
Fit: 4 1/4" heel, true to size (narrow in the toe).
Comfort: No issues.

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