Thursday, 9 May 2013

Day 872 - Here Comes The Hotstepper

Shoes: Quilted 'Phoenix' ASOS Premium 

Today I bring you my outfit from Monday. I'm just back from a wee holiday (an overnight stay counts as a 'holiday' right?), so I'm pretty excited about outfits that will have a different backdrop to usual! Back to Monday though and man I was a sickly wee thing that day! It was either allergies or a one-day-cold, but I resembled Rudolph and sniffled and sneezed my way through the day. The last thing I felt like doing was getting dressed and wearing makeup, but I'm a dedicated blogger and stopped every 10 seconds to plug my nose then fake smile for photos! It was quite funny because I finally figured out my holiday wardrobe, only to burst the zip on my Making Moves (Irregular Choice) shoes that I was taking (the fabric part of the zip has split and come away from the seam). I actually started crying! I don't cry over stuff like that usually, but it was one of those days and they are one of my favourite pairs : ( Back to this outfit and I forgot I owned these shoes, I used to looooove them. They are pretty high, but bearable and easy enough to walk in.

Wearing:  Stars and moon dress H By Henry Holland, leggings and coat Primark.
Fit: Premium styles tend to be smaller made, I needed a full size up in these. Heel 4 5/8", lace up front.
Comfort: Would probably ache after a lengthy wear, but were easy enough to walk in.  


  1. I'm glad you had a nice time though sorry you are so exhausted and about the broken shoes! My favourite boots are breaking and I am really miffed about it! Your dress is so pretty!x

    1. Thank you. Not sure if they're fixable, sadly : (


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