Thursday, 23 May 2013

Day 880 - The Dirt I Have On You is The Ground

Shoes: Blue spot 'Flopsy' Irregular Choice 

Hello, hello!  I'm sooooo nearly caught up, just one more post, but it will have to wait until tomorrow.  You may have noticed I cut my hair the other day.  I do these things on impulse (never leave me alone with sharp objects)! Seriously, I've been doing the forward ponytail thing to cut it, but the ends were getting straggly as not much is cut off them each time and it's just not been sitting right.  So I chopped a little off my fringe, then tackled the rest.  I was home alone and it's quite difficult to cut your own hair as you can't see the back, but away I went!  I did that thing of evening it out until each side got shorter and shorter, then there wasn't much left to cut.  Slightly shorter than I intended, but hopefully it'll sit better now.  You also may have noticed the purple was leaving my hair fast.  It turned pale lilac and while I liked it, it was starting to look a little patchy, so I thought I'd tackle that by myself too (no fear).  I usually prefer my Mum doing it for precision, but seeing as she's on her hols, I just threw the purple on and didn't bother with bleach because my roots aren't too bad.  It worked really well, even if I do say so myself. I'm bright purple again, yay!  Also this is the dress in my wishlist post on Pink Haired Princess from the start of the year that I wanted to get to wear with these shoes.  It still hasn't hit my local Primark, but my parents have been searching any Primark they've been to and finally found it in Edinburgh last month.  Whoop, whoop!

Wearing:  Blue floral dress, leggings and cardigan all Primark, flower hair clips Debenhams, Minimal Baroque sunglasses Prada.
Fit: I find my regular size short in length (despite them measuring the standard size), so for comfort I'm wearing the size up although they do feel a little big.
Comfort: Easy to walk in, wore with insoles and they didn't rub this time.

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