Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Day 878 - For Once Why Don’t You Get Down Off Your High Heels

Shoes: Blue glitter 'Elevated 3 Strap' Vivienne Westwood & Melissa via Shoeaholics 

I mentioned I've been so busy lately that I've struggled to keep up with writing new blog posts and also reading your blogs, but I'm slowly getting there. This outfit from last Friday was for a doctors appointment. Dentist and doctor in the one week, lucky me! I'll have another post for you right after this one of my outfit from Monday and you can see my makeup for Monster High Monday here. Looking back at the photos in this post, I'm not very keen on this outfit and I'm not sure why. It feels a little dulled down and not very fun despite the sparkly shoes and kitsch fruity print on the dress. The shoes are so cool though, because they looked blue indoors, then in the sun they turned a bright violet. Along with the duo-chrome colour, they are also completely shimmery and the sunlight really made them glow!

Wearing: Fruit print dress H By Henry Holland, green beaded and pearl cardigan and leggings Primark.
Fit: A little snug, narrow in the toe. 4" heel and adjustable buckles.
Comfort: Toes can ache after a while because they are narrow.   

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