Friday, 26 October 2012

Day 747 - I'm A Die Hard Like Bruce Willis

Shoes: Black leather and leopard print 'Lita' Jeffrey Campbell 

Brrrr, it's freezing outside (and inside!).  I've been saving these boots for the colder weather.  I've already blogged about them on Pink Haired Princess, comparing them to my other Lita's because this pair do have a different shape.  Having worn them and looking at the pictures, I do prefer the original shape more than these.  I like them from the front, but the upturned toe and shape of the platform look a little odd from other angles.  I love leopard print though, so I'm glad to add a pair of boots like these to my collection.  I decided to go all-out with leopard print socks too!  I got them for Christmas years ago from a friend and have never worn them (!), I found them when tidying the other day and they seemed like the perfect addition to this outfit!  I'm thinking this outfit is bordering on 'sensible' and 'practical', for me anyway!

Wearing:  Black double collar dress H By Henry Holland, black leggings, hat and polka dot coat Primark, leopard socks gift.
Fit: True to size (these are UK/EU sized), just over 5" heel and 2 1/2" platform.
Comfort:  No problems with these.


  1. Omg...the socks..the socks! do u know which shop they were gifted from? I adore them xx

    1. sorry, no! I'd disposed of the tags a long time ago and can't remember where they were from, sorry.

  2. leopard spots with florals: great! ;)

  3. Hi
    I just discovered your blog a couple of weeks ago and I am addicted! I love your style and of course your shoes! once upon a time I used to have a bit of a shoe habit myself but 3 kids put paid to that!

    Would love to know what your planning to wear at xmas time-have you thought that far ahead yet?

    I have just bought the pearl lowe dress off ebay-the one you wore last year as I was kicking myself that I didnt get it when it was available. Am planning to wear that to a couple of nights out but would love some more inspiration.

    All the best x

    1. thank you very much-glad to hear you're enjoying the blog. I haven't thought ahead to Christmas yet, I don;t have any parties to go to and we're staying at home for Christmas Day, although I still like to get dressed up. I did buy a gorgeous maxi dress last week, which has a half sheer skirt on it, which I;d quite like to wear.

      Was it the black dress with the gold lace panel you got? It's gorgeous. I need to fix mine, the buttons along the shoulders have pulled slightly and stretched the elastic, so I'm going to stitch up the shoulders, so they are more secure. I think the dress is quite versatile with fancy tights or adding a belt. Thanks so much for commenting x x x

  4. Sorry for my bad english Princess . All your outfits are gourgeous but in this pics i love your amazing make up. Congratulations from Panama City


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