Thursday, 18 October 2012

Day 740 - I Even Fell For That Stupid Love Song

Shoes: Navy 'Perine' spike platforms River Island 

I've had a little break from The Shoe Girl Diaries over the past few days and it's given me the perfect opportunity to catch up on blogging over on Pink Haired Princess which had been feeling rather neglected. I've also been busy tidying, eBaying, plus we've had dreadful weather so I've been unable to get out anyway. It was pleasant enough yesterday, although cold and I think I was putting on a brave front going out in sandals and bare legs, all without a jacket too! I got some strange looks that's for sure. However, I found these shoes at the weekend and realised I hadn't had the chance to wear them all summer. I didn't intend to work them into this outfit, in fact I started with completely different shoes and socks that I'd planned on wearing, then added the dress (actually it was the third dress I tried on), decided the socks/shoes didn't look right, so changed to these! Sometimes you just have to go with the flow and trying to prepare outfits in your head in advance doesn't always work out. Anyway for the 10 minutes I'm out of the house, it was warm enough. The gritter did come along our street at night though (eeeek) which has thrown me into full-on winter mode, so it's cosy from here on!

Wearing: Pearl button dress Jasmine Guinness at Very, vest (worn underneath) Primark, swallow cardigan Dorothy Perkins, belt taken from another dress, hairband Yama Yama Pretty Mama.
Fit: Run quite large in length, back zip opening. Heel 5 1/2", platform 1 3/4"
Comfort: Thankfully the massive rubber, grip sole makes them feel much safer as they are super-high.

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