Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Day 738 - Before You Know It You're Frozen

Shoes: Black 'So-Yeon Sarah' London College of Fashion and Irregular Choice 

Two posts in one day, I am a God!  I think Mama and I are going out tomorrow, so I probably won't get any done tomorrow and thus blogging harmony will resume!  I'm sitting here nursing a bleeding heel after wearing these shoes today.  If you didn't know, I ended up selling my original pair (regular size) which just felt too small and bought another, a size-up. Last time I wore them with insoles because I found them a little roomy, but I thought I'd try them without this time and I felt them slipping off my heel and hadn't realised until I got home, I was bleeding.  Gah, such is life in dazzling shoes!

Wearing:  Purple lace dress Primark, belt taken from another dress, cardigan Bonmarche, pom pom hairband Miss Selfridge, glasses Claire's.
Fit: Run a little small, these are a full size up. 4 1/2" heel.
Comfort: Solid base to walk on, but rubbed a bit today.

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