Thursday, 22 March 2012

Day 612 - I Just Want You To Father My Young

Shoes: Green lace 'Ella' Terry De Havilland

Whilst on the subject yesterday of most treasured shoes-it reminded me that these are another pair that I would do anything to 'save', if their life were in jeopardy!  I just absolutely adore them and don't wear them enough (which is something I'm going to remedy, because there's no reason not to, they're so comfy and I think you should wear your fancy shoes whenever you want).  Say 'goodbye' to my hair, which started the day like this (below) and ended up extremely blonde bordering on white (see FB or Tumblr for pic).  Today I'm putting the colour on, I keep changing my mind between two ideas-so I'm not sure which I'll pick or if it will even work.  I have to say the more I see the blonde, the more that's growing on me!

Wearing:  Polka-dot dress New Look, cardigan, leggings and hat all Primark.
Fit: True to size.  Heel 5 1/4" and 1" platform.
Comfort:  No issues with these, other than the laces are very 'slippy' and can come undone (even in double knots as I found!).


  1. Omg!! Those are absolutely gorgeous!! I love them & am going to make it my mission to own a pair! X

  2. I managed to get mine direct from TDH, but they are quite old now. They've done some similar styles recently but not with the lace.


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