Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Day 607 - "S" On My Chest, Let Me Get My Cape On

Shoes: Tapestry platforms 'Ebony' Miss Selfridge

Good evening...a little late with this post today. I'm half watching a CSI:NY episode I've never seen before at the same time, so I'm not fully concentrating! I found this dress today, still with the tags on (and it's old) -paisley isn't my favourite print, although the dress is floral too and is pretty enough-just not one I reach for, clearly! I was going to go through my wardrobe and chuck some dresses (yet again), but after a quick look, there weren't really any that I wanted to get rid of. At the same time, I still stand there a few times a week thinking "I'm so bored with my wardrobe-I have nothing to wear"! Fickle me! Anyway, I love these shoes and feel they've been neglected lately. They do this 'push your toes forward' thing though which I'm not keen on, but a bigger size would definitely have been too big. Toe overhang is just a bit chavvy isn't it? Or is that just me?

Wearing: Paisley floral dress, suede leggings, cardigan and hat all Primark.
Fit: Narrow in the toe but you shouldn't need a size up-elasticated button fastening which you can just slip on without having to undo. 5" heel and 1" platform.
Comfort: No problems.

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  1. I love the combo of tapestry shoes & paisley dress. You look fab!


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