Thursday, 29 March 2012

Day 618 - I'm Superman With The Wind At His Back

Shoes: Turquoise striped 'Beetroot' Feud

Another gorgeous day and I always feel so summery in this dress, the colours in it are just beautiful. I've so far worn it with pink metallic sandals and bright purple shoes (I'm sure there's another outfit, but I can't quite recall it), so this time I thought I would pick out the green/turquoise colour with these gorgeous Feud heart shaped peep toes.  There's lots of lovely details in these shoes, so I took some extra pics for you to see, I love the carved heel.

Wearing: Floral prom dress Red Herring (Debenhams), leggings Primark, bow cardigan New Look, bow belt (taken from old dress).
Fit: Concealed platform 1 1/4", heel 5 1/4", feel a little small.
Comfort: Not the comfiest, the slingback was digging in on one foot, other than that they were fine.

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  1. Oh you have my holy grail shoes!!!!!!!!!
    I bought these a while ago for my birthday and when they arrived they were damaged and I had to send them back. They were the only pair left in my size and i've been searching ever since D:.
    They really are just extraordinary, cherish them lol!


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