Thursday, 8 March 2012

Day 603 - I See Your Soul Through Your Window Pain

Shoes: Gold distressed 'Spatz' Irregular Choice

Hiya, how are you all this evening?  I had a bit of a muddled day.  Remember I said I was supposed to go shopping with my Mum and she cancelled? Well, she said she could make it later in the day, but then her appointment in the morning fell through, so she called to say get ready as fast as you can (which isn't very fast if you're me) and so we did get shopping after all.  I was extremely disappointed to find the dresses I wanted had gone in my size though, it was one of those days where everything on the rails was a size 6 or 8, grrr!  I did pick up a few new dresses though, although I haven't tried them on yet, so they may not fit.  This dress I'm wearing just arrived this morning and I immediately put it on.  It's very Little House On The Prairie isn't it?  I love the lace collar and my fabulous fox brooch goes perfect with it.

Wearing:  Crochet collar dress H by Henry Holland (Debenhams), hat and cardigan Primark, fox brooch Claire's, Statue of Liberty ring Topshop, bunny and frog rings Miss Selfridge.  
Fit:  True to size (the buttons do come out if you need to get on and off), 4 1/4" heel.
Comfort: No problems with these and a nice cosy velvet lining!

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  1. I like the different designs on your nails. That's a cute dress, you do look good in the color and I like the collar though I never can wear higher ones it feels like I'm choking. I love your rings too. I've seen your collection on youtube and it's pretty impressive :) Also I thing lavender/grey would be very pretty with your eyes and skin


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