Friday, 9 March 2012

Day 604- Just A Puppet On A Lonely String

Shoes: Teal suede 'Bedroom Antics' Office

Feeling a bit bleugh today.  I bought this top yesterday because I was in love with the print and the colour.  The only problem being I don't really do tops!  I'm a dress only girl, but that's mostly down to me not being comfortable in anything other than dresses.  On top of that, my skin has been bothering me the past few weeks and alongside a million blemishes (which are thankfully starting to go), I've got really bad dry skin today. I decided against wearing any makeup, other than lipstick/gloss today in order to aid it's recovery!  My hair is a mess and has been for weeks, but it's bugging me now (I'm trying to resist shaving it all off), plus I've been having a 'fat week' rather than 'day', not helped by the fact I put on 3lbs this week.  So all in all, it probably wasn't the best time to be trying something different.  In theory I like the outfit (and would love it on someone else), but in reality I felt like the end of a house!

Wearing:  Black leggings, skirt, hat and blue satin dalmatian top all Primark, cardigan Be Beau at Matalan.
Fit:  I needed a size up in these, 5 3/4" and 1 1/4" platform.
Comfort:  OCD peeps stay away from these, the ribbons nearly drove me insane, I think you just have to let it go the way it wants and resist the urge to have them lying flat and neat.  No other issues.


  1. Those are a pretty color. I can see how the ribbons would be a pain. By the way I think you'd look great with lavender hair

  2. Every time I look at your blog im filled with envy and admiration good job!!

    Annest X

  3. After longing for these for an absolute age, I got them for Xmas 2011 and have probably worn them all of once - I am awful!
    I have only worn this top once as well and I really liked it, for goodness sake!

    1. OMG, I'm exactly the same. I wanted them so badly, then never wear them. Think I've only worn the top once too, we're terrible!

  4. Something made me think of these shoes this morning and then there was this link to this post at the bottom of your SGSI post.. Fate saying I need to dig these out as I don't think I've worn them again since the first outing.

    1. Oh my gosh, you're freaking me out as I just rediscovered these yesterday while moving more pairs into my shoe room! They'd been in a box at the top of my wardrobe (and out of reach) for years. I'd totally forgotten about them.


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