Monday, 8 February 2010

Day One Hundred & Twenty Nine - Skate On Thin Ice

Had a lovely day shopping today. You know that way when you're not looking for anything, you find lots to buy? I got a couple of dresses, some makeup and lots more jewellery and some unexpected bargains! I'll be posting pics this week on Pink Haired Princess, so be sure to check that out. Today, it is beyond freezing, brrrr! My toes were like ice in these ankle boots, but aren't they super cute? Like little skating boots.
Off-white 'Astoria' ankle boots ASOS

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  1. Hello "Shoe girl"!!!

    I'm looking for these boots to buy but I can't find them, I think they're sold out now.
    Would you be interested to sell them by any chance?
    here's my email address:


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