Monday, 15 February 2010

Day One Hundred & Thirty Five - When Is It Too Much?

A lot of people ask if this blog has influenced my shoe buying habits and if my collection has grown since starting the blog. I actually think it's had the opposite effect and I'll tell you why. I've discovered really old pairs I'd forgotten about and although I loved them at the time of purchase, I wouldn't really wear them now. So I've worn them one more time for the blog (like todays boots) then either sold them, taken them to the charity shop or they've gone to the giant shoe shop in the sky (eep!). I've probably done this with 60+ pairs in the past year, so that has drastically reduced my stash. I'm also very aware of the fact that I've managed to (quite easily) throw out so many pairs and it seems so wasteful, so I try now to buy really special styles and not every pair in sight that I "like". My collection nowadays is definitely filled with more 'love them' than 'like them' pairs! That said, of course I still buy lots, simply because I adore shoes, I really love them. I don't want this blog to finish anytime soon due to a shortage of shoes because I'm enjoying it, but I'm really showcasing my collection, new and old, good and bad and the new pairs would still be there with or without this blog!
Green ankle boots 'Inspired by Kate Kuba' at Priceless/Barratts

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