Thursday, 18 February 2010

Day One Hundred & Thirty Eight - If It's Out, It's In?

I'm having another clear-out, so my room currently resembles a shoe shop, there's shoes and boxes everywhere! Actually that wouldn't make it that different from normal, it's just messier! I still have a couple of boxes out in our shed of shoes that I haven't worn for at least 8 years. I'm hoping in the summer months (too cold, dirty and spidery just now) to go out and see what's there and of course force myself to wear them for the blog-let's hope there aren't too many horrors! I think I recall an old-fashioned chunky heeled, floral satin, court shoe (Carvela?) that I bought when I was 17 (12 years ago) that have probably come back into fashion now!
Black ankle boot with patent panel and heel, Inspired by Kate Kuba at Barratts/Priceless

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