Friday, 12 February 2010

Day One Hundred & Thirty Two - Heel Toe, Heel Toe

An apology first of all for no post yesterday. I was looking after my two little nephews and there wasn't a spare minute to take any photos, plus I didn't go out all day so never wore any shoes. I'm shattered today though, both boys are extremely cute (I'm sure all Aunts say that) but very tiring! Now onto todays beautiful and bright shoes. It's not often I find it difficult to walk in heels, but I was nearly struggling with these. The placement of the heel (it goes straight down from the back of the shoe) means you really have to walk heel first and kind of build up momentum to bounce along so it doesn't look too awkward. Also I think I've become used to wearing platforms and these have a 4 3/4" heel without any at all, so definitely not dancing shoes! I love the large buckle fastening though, it's so easy, no fussing with elasticated buttons or tiny little buckles!
Pink satin, triple bow shoe with diamante detail Limited Edition New Look

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