Sunday, 21 February 2010

Day One Hundred & Forty One - Red Faced And Purple Footed

Oh I'm having one of those days! I've just been giggling, like a teenager, about the situations I get myself into. It's boy related and lets just say I haven't had any 'male relations' for a very looong time, so am unsure how to handle this. I'm avoiding facebook where said stuff is going down, very mature I know! You wouldn't think I was almost 30. That was all very cryptic wasn't it? I'm sure I'm just being overly paranoid and wish I had my girlfriends here to decipher man-talk, but I think asking you out twice within one day and messaging you three times with me only replying once, is slightly desperate, no? I'm a cow. Ok onto shoesies, something I don't need anyone to translate. I didn't do the Bambi ice routine today as I was busy photographing swatches for Pink Haired Princess (luscious NYX stuff if you're interested). I did pop on these ankle boots though. They are super comfortable because they are like a sock with heel and sole on the end. Made from stretchy fabric, they have this contrasting patent section up the back and yes, they are the same as the black pair I wore a few days ago, well spotted!
Purple stretchy ankle boots with contrasting patent section Inspired by Kate Kuba range at Barratts.

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