Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Day 818 - I'm Still Calling Your Name Through My Tears

Shoes: Scribble 'Ablaze' ASOS 

I had a doctors appointment this afternoon (fun!) and it was sooo cold outside. It tried to snow and was dry (so it would've lay) but it never came to anything (thank goodness). I'm over the whole snow thing, Santa's been, we've moved on, bring on Spring! If the forecast is to believed for tomorrow though, there's no escaping it in Scotland, not even on the East-Coast, booo : ( I decided to layer my tights today, both for fashion and warmth! I've actually owned the top pair since.....2001! How's that for vintage?! I got them in the Topshop sale in the Oxford Street store one summer along with bright fuchsia floral lace tights (which I also still own) and a large tartan 'granny bag' which I wore to death, it was utterly fabulous. Had to break out the ASOS Ablaze too as it's been a while since I've worn any of them...my doc said they were 'scary' (think he fears for my life in the heels I walk in), heehee.

Wearing: Black shift dress Primark, belt Dorothy Perkins, clip earrings Mawi, bottle green tights Accessorize, icy blue lacey tights Topshop.
Fit: True to size, lace-up, 5 3/4" heel and 1 1/4" platform.
Comfort:  Comfortable and easy to walk in.


  1. Hey, the tights are fun! I like! I'd definitely love to wear those boots if I could get my foot at the angle- they are so fun!x

    1. I don't wear the boots often enough I don't think, although I do have them in 3 different prints!

  2. Loving the layered tights (I do this too every winter as it gets quite cold here - it snowed all day yesterday and today)

    1. I couldn't believe how quickly our snow disappeared, it was like it never happened.


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