Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Day 823 - The Women In The Two Black Veils Didn’t Bother To Cry

Shoes: Cream patterned 'Trixxie' Irregular Choice 

I got the hiccups today, those entire-body convulsing (sore) ones, every so often. My sister thought it was hilarious. Considering she usually gets them and I make her do this, she egged me on to try drinking a glass of water the wrong way. Her words were "pleeeeease do it, it'll be funny"! This was after she told me something about biting down on a stick in your mouth, to which I looked extremely puzzled and she grabbed my eyeshadow brush and told me to put that in my mouth! So down we trot to the kitchen after the eyeshadow brush method failed and you should note I'd just finished my makeup at this point (bad idea).  Her face was in my face the entire time, as she didn't want to "miss" anything funny! I ended up crying with tears of laughter, hiccuped mid drink and laughed at the same time, spurting water out all over the window (turns out I can spit quite far!) and with water dribbling down my chin, tears on my cheeks, eyeliner and mascara smudged, completely unable to speak or breathe from laughter, I decided enough was enough. The hiccups had actually gone by this point, but we'd been laughing so much we hadn't noticed. I can confirm drinking from a glass the wrong way does cure hiccups, even if it's by laughter rather than the method itself!

Wearing: Red floral, lace collar dress H By Henry Holland, leggings Primark, cardigan Bonmarche, horse scarf White Stuff.
Fit: I bought these a size larger but they run pretty true to size. 4 1/4" heel.
Comfort: I tried them with an insole this time as they are a little large.  They can be quite tricky to walk in because they 'clomp' and you have to walk flat-footed as they are not flexible in any way, which means the process of walking is a bit dis-jointed and difficult.  


  1. Those shoes are mad! The print is so cute, I love the bears, I've got a bag in the same print, haven't used it yet though. I'm saving it for the Country & Western festival we go to each year but I don't think I can wait much longer ;0)

    1. the print is adorable, was definitely one of my favourite box/sole prints of the little girl too.


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