Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Day 830 - Your Love Is Like A River, Peaceful And Deep

Shoes: Green 'Low Level Danger' Irregular Choice 

Hello peeps! I went shopping today, I just needed to get out. So I didn't have much time for photos before or afterwards.  I managed to find a shop selling Cadbury Wishes (the limited edition shaped stars that come out at Christmas), so I was in heaven. My Mum made me put back the whole box (I seriously wanted them all) and let me have 4. I'm going back for more, ssshhh! I bought a couple of Henry Holland things too which I haven't tried on yet, but hope they fit. I want lots from his collection at Debenhams this season (well when I do I not?).  Believe it or not my shoes are lit up in this image, it takes a hard stamp of the foot and super quick reflexes to capture it on camera!  I'll post a really darkened image of it on my Facebook page later which shows the lights better.

Wearing: Pansy 'Betty' dress Swan by Clements Ribeiro, grey tights Primark, logo stripe handbag Love Moschino, peacock and bird rings gift, owl ring (taken from a set) H&M, frog ring Miss Selfridge, chain earrings Mawi.
Fit: Quite large in the heel, double stud placement, 4 1/2" heel.
Comfort: Slip off the heel.  


  1. I love your entire outfit! Especially your rings there gorgeous!
    The shoes as always are amazing but even more so with them lighting up!
    You really do own some fabulous shoes!

    1. thank you, pity I can't see the lights when I'm walking, although everyone else can!


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