Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Day 684 - The Fields Are High And The Fruit Is Ripe

Shoes: Scribble 'Ablaze' ASOS

This was my outfit yesterday after I popped over to Dundee to go to Debenhams.  I actually managed to talk myself out of several sale items in other places and just came home with my YSL foundation sample which was the point of the whole trip.  Who knew I actually had willpower?!  It was supposed to be pouring with rain, but I managed to miss it completely (phew) but had opted for a rather 'sensible' pair of shoes in preparation for it.  It's quite difficult to dress for all weathers, I guess layering is key and I've never been very good at that.  Again I'm taken aback with the mayhem these shoes cause, I had two old ladies quite literally pawing at my shoes and rings (em, give me my hand back please!) in the bus shelter which seemed to amuse them and scare me slightly!  Anyhoo, I am in the middle of  trying to write at least 5 posts (at various stages) all at once which is rather difficult, so I best get on.  Hope you're managing to stay dry in this strange summer...!

Wearing:  Floral dress Red Herring and hair clips both Debenhams, horse and unicorn rings Miss Selfridge, blue stone ring my Granny's, turquoise ring, stirrup leggings and cardigan all Primark, bag River Island.
Fit:  True to size, lace-up, 5 3/4" heel and 1 1/4" platform.
Comfort: Comfortable and easy to walk in, the tops can rub after a long period.


  1. Aaah, the Ablaze strikes again... they're just beautiful! They work brilliantly with the dress. I know it's probably long gone now but may I ask where you got your turqoise stone ring from? x

  2. So pretty, I have finally managed to get my hands on the tapestry Ablaze wedges, I was so worried that they were going to sell out when I was doign my 100 day shopping ban.

  3. I love the fact that there is someone in Scotland with that awesome shoe collection and kudos to you for daring to wear them in the horrific weather. I unlike you managed to get completely soaked yesterday! The joys of Scotland, eh!

    Much love.

  4. Hi Ellie, Primark for the ring, think it was quite a while back although they haven't been restocking their jewellery all that quickly lately I've noticed.

    Char-yay, the tapestry ones are stunners! Don't know how you managed the ban-I need it, but cannot for the life of me stop spending, it's ridiculous!

    Victoria-thanks! Oh no, it's a total nightmare, even worse than last year when we at least had our 'summer' in Spring, we've had like a week or so of sunshine so far!


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