Sunday, 1 July 2012

Day 679 - Peebe, Peebe, Who's Peabo Bryson?

Shoes: Alphabet and number 'Wrap Me Up' Heatherette/Irregular Choice 

I'd always quite fancied these shoes but wasn't sure they were particularly flattering when on the foot, from pictures I'd seen. They recently came up on eBay (rather cheap), so I decided to get them and see what I could do with them (not one to let an ugly shoe get the better of me!). They came with blue straps above and below the purple one which thread through the central yellow t-bar and each ties with yellow fabric at the back. I toyed with the idea of completely removing the yellow t-bar (cutting it off) and therefore disposing of all other straps. It seemed a bit drastic right away, so I tried some other things first. The lowest strap, doesn't sit right, it felt like it should go under the foot or under the shoe given the position it was in. While the top strap wasn't as awkward, it felt like it was too big around my calf (and wouldn't go any tighter) and it just kinda flopped over the middle strap, which by the way fitted perfectly. So I took out top and bottom, left the middle, folded down the top yellow loop and played around with the tie (threading it through the loop at the heel) until I was happy with it. I may even still cut the yellow ties shorter, but I was quite happy with the finished article. The t-bar didn't drastically gape nor did the top loop pop out, so it was fine.

Wearing:  Birdcage maxi dress Ruby Rocks, cardigan Be Beau at Matalan, sunglasses Primark.
Fit:  These are a half size larger and fit fine.  4 1/2" heel.
Comfort:  No issues with these.

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