Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Day 687 - I Am Done With My Graceless Heart

Shoes: Navy polka-dot 'Aphrodite' Irregular Choice 

This post from yesterday took longer than expected-I seemed to take a gazillion photos (way more than usual) and working my way through (editing) them took forever!  Now I should probably warn you that if polka-dots aren't your thing, you're going to be severely 'offended' by this outfit.  I didn't envisage wearing all these items but it sorta just came together and I thought why the hell not?  I bought the shoes a month or so ago and the fit isn't that great-I considered returning them, then wondered if I could get over the issues and I think with time they'll feel somewhat comfier.  The dress is another newbie and I have to admit to placing around 6 orders with Evans for their Clements Ribeiro dresses lately.  I've returned 3 bag-loads of stuff and was a little exasperated with trying to find the right fit.  I'm finding them very generous basically, to the point of 'dropping' 4 dress sizes with one (!) It makes life difficult when you're not sure which size to buy of what, hence the constant re-ordering and I'm still on the look-out for a couple more in smaller sizes but stock is extremely limited now they've all popped into the sale.  This one was actually smaller than the rest; the 16 was too tight across the bust and this, the 18 is a much better fit, albeit a bit baggy around the hips and waist and the lengths of the dresses are definitely more suited to taller ladies (I wasn't sure if this was bordering on an unflattering midi-length although the addition of a belt hoiked it up a bit).  Anyhoo-one piccy below I have a corsage in my hair (my hair was icky and I tested out several options before finally settling for the spotty heart) and I just loooove days when you get the perfect eyeliner flick.  I usually go through phases of it looking crap, then looking great.  I could've stared at it all day y'day though!  Toodle pip, hope you have a good evening, I'm noticing weather warnings for rain tomorrow here (fabulous!).

Wearing:  Lace and print '21' dress Swan Clements Ribeiro, polka dot heart fascinator Primark.
Fit:  Tight across the foot, fine in length, just under 5" heel and 1 1/4" platform.
Comfort:  No major issues, the 'caged' toes might irritate and the tightness of the band across the foot would get sore after a while.


  1. I've been eyeballing those shoes since forever! If you ever get sick of em, I'll buy em off you! I think we're the same size?? 37 EU/UK 4

  2. This is so wonderfully matchy-matchy in a good way! All of it is fabulous!

  3. Ha!!! I love this given my last blog post?! Hate Polka dots?!!! Never!!!!!!!! You look very pretty!


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