Monday, 18 June 2012

Day 672 - Mira Esta Que On That Red Carpet

Shoes: Pink suede 'Candyfloss' Irregular Choice

I'd been searching through my shoe-collection for stuff to sell on eBay at the weekend (turns out I found too many things and ran out of time to list them all).  I sent my sister into the depths of my Irregular Choice shoe-closet (never to return!!), as she's a miniature thing and can access it easier than I can!  We were in fits of laughter as she was wedged between piles of boxes and wardrobe doors, trying to describe which shoes were what, poor wee thing!  I kinda had one of those 'OMG I have way too much stuff' moments, so I'll be trying to sell a lot over the next few months!  Anyway I discovered these shoes which have remained unworn for years.  I considered selling them, but decided to wear them today.  They're pretty cute, so I'm still a bit undecided on whether or not I can give them up!

Wearing:  Flamingo dress and black leggings Primark, 'Mischief' sunglasses Irregular Choice, cardigan Be Beau at Matalan, scarf Fafi/MAC.
Fit:  Run small, these are a 5.5 and 'just' fit me. 4 1/2" heel.
Comfort:  They need breaking in for sure!  I honestly thought they'd entirely severed my little toe off (fyi they hadn't)!  A nice thick cushioned sole underfoot though.

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