Sunday, 10 June 2012

Day 666 - So Hold Your Head Up Girl And You'll Go Far

Shoes: Purple 'Making Moves' Irregular Choice 

I love this dress and usually shirt-dresses aren't my thing (they immediately transport me back to shirt-wearing school uniform which I hated being forced to wear).  The skirt is so full on this though, it always makes you feel good.   I love the shoes too, definitely one of my favourite pairs of IC and oh so comfortable.

Wearing:  Poodle and Paris print dress H! by Henry Holland (Debenhams), navy leggings, vest and boat print scarf Primark
Fit: Can be a little tight across the foot, otherwise ok. Almost 4" clear heel.
Comfort: Really comfortable and easy to walk in.  


  1. Hmm, I am, sad that it is, trying to think about my holiday wardrobe...just how would you go about sorting your holiday wardrobe and beggars belief!
    Tracy x

  2. Love these shoes! I just bought my first pair of Irregular Choice shoes and I can't wait for them to arrive! The dress is super cute too!

  3. Love this outfit! and how the color of the shoes really pops up on the outdoor pic.. Lovely.

  4. Tracy-I don't envy you, I hate packing! I start off well, then keep adding just on the off-chance I need it! I haven't been on holiday for years though, but yes, the shoes were always an issue.

    Rebecca-Oooh, sure you'll love them, What ones did you get?

    MsVeve-thank you, yeah the shoes are mega bright, glad it came across in the outdoor pic.


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