Tuesday, 2 October 2018

Day 1138 - Shoesday Tuesday

bent legs in jewel fishnet tights with black sating shoes with pink feathers and Miss Piggy heel
Shoes: Irregular Choice Muppets black All About Moi 

Unfortunately no carousel heels shoes to show you today, because they arrived last night and don't fit! Oh, it's been such a worry and stress, but I have the bigger size on their way-total luck finding them. I used to always size up in character heels, but for a good while now, I've been finding my usual size fine and look at the Angelica Pearson boots last month, a 37 (size down) would've fitted, they were so generous. Anyway, hopefully it all ends well. One thing that has ended well, is me completing my own mission of owning every single heel in the IC Muppets range. There's been some eBay bargains recently and I've added another 5 pairs (even went for mid-heels, gasp) including two colourways of styles I already owned. These are one such pair, All About Moi in black.
The pink version I bought on launch day and they are my favourite piece from the collection (see my Top 12 IC's of 2017 for further info) and the black never really appealed at the time, in comparison to the pink. Then I got to thinking they might be quite handy and less likely to get dirty. I immediately grabbed a pair of my Muppets tights to wear for this post, then remembered that's exactly how I styled the pink ones, so I've opted for something different to prove they don't have to be worn with the gorgeous coordinating tights. In my previous post of the pink, I think Miss Piggy was wearing the turquoise tulle skirt, this is the alternative, silvery-pink pleated. The colouring of Miss Piggy, her skirts, the main colour of the ankle strap, pearls, heart detail across the toe and the little jewels on the counter are all exactly the same as on the pink. The uppers are obviously black satin this time, with the trim around the ankle strap also in black and the platform and glitter heel are black multi as opposed to lilac. The ankle straps read "It's All About Moi" and "Too Much Is Never Enough". Last time I spoke about the pearl strap being tighter than that on Eros, I can't say I noticed this one being as short.  I don't think I had quite so bad toe scrunching either when putting them on, just on my (left) slightly bigger foot, which was easily adjusted once I had the shoe on.  As for the sizing on the shoe, I stuck with my regular size.  They are a little snug, but not enough to need to change sizes.  I think that's everything covered.  Hopefully, fingers crossed, next week I will be dazzling with carousels, but I'm not getting my hopes up until I have them.   

Wearing: Jewelled fishnet tights New Look (old). 
Fit: 4 1/2" heel and 1/2" small platform. Adjustable buckle fastening on strap and pearl bracelet clips on and off at both sides. A little snug in my usual size, but not enough for me to size up.
Comfort: Toes can curl under a little when trying them on, it helps if you wear tights.  front facing legs in black embellished fishnet tights with black glitter platform shoes with pink feathered heart across toewearing black fishnets with satin shoes with pink fluffy feather trim and ankle strap and pearl detailscrossed legs wearing black satin shoes with Miss Piggy Muppets heelwearing black satin jewelled shoes with Miss Piggy character heelwearing Miss Piggy heeled shoesclose up of feet wearing feather heart shoes with pearl ankle strapclose up of foot wearing satin shoe with Miss Piggy character heel


  1. There's never Ebay bargains in my size! Never, I tell you! These are pretty- I like the coloured little gems. I notice your tights have them too! Coool!!!

    1. *eclectic-shoes* on ebay are great and usually have a selection of sizes available. They used to have an outlet called Skape in Somerset with great prices on IC's. I've bought loads from them on ebay recently, they reduced their Muppets to as little as £20 or £30! It's ridiculous!


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