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Day 1139 - Shoesday Tuesday

wearing red tartan tights and metallic circus themed shoes with carousel heel and tassel ankle cuffs
Shoes: 'You're Invited' Dan Sullivan Irregular Choice 

Ok, lots to talk about regarding the fit of these shoes, so I'm just going to dive right in. Some of you might know that last week when my super limited, You're Invited arrived, they didn't fit and I mean spectacularly didn't fit. A week on, my second pair arrived (in the size up) and I was a bit hesitant to even try them to be honest as they still looked tiny. I measured the outer sole of the 39 against the 38's and they are exactly the same size, so there was no confidence boost there (though the soles on this style really taper in comparison to the upper shoe).
Let me start with the 38's. I couldn't get my feet in them. The left was worse (my slightly bigger foot, which I'd kinda forgotten about because it's not affected me for some time). After much and I mean, much forcing and trying, I eventually got a foot in the right one and boy did it hurt. The main culprit is the 'sign' across the front where the embroidered "circus" or "carnival" is and this section lights up, so there's a lot of wiring in there. I hoped beyond hope that there would be some sort of secret elastic bit holding this sign in place like True Love had, as I knew from stock photos, even without seeing them on, that this was going to be tight. The opening to get your foot in, doesn't look that big, as the sign encroaches on some of that space and there's the problem. Your foot can't get in and under the sign, you can't force your heel into the shoe, because the foot needs to be further forward, but you can't because the sign is stopping this. It's a vicious cycle and a very sore one. I woke up the next day, still with a red mark, slight groove and a small bruise for forcing my foot in 10 hours earlier.

The left foot wouldn't even look at going in, I just kinda hovered then realised there was no way, so abandoned it! The sign is very rigid, the whole shoe is made of quite rigid materials actually, but there's no 'give' whatsoever and therefore no way to push past. It's such a massive disappointment for a shoe that is spectacular in design and which has been in development for years, to have such big fit issues, even more so when the heels already stopped at a 41 in this range. This isn't a diss on Irregular Choice or Dan Sullivan, I'm genuinely really disappointed for them because I know how much work it's taken to get this shoe on the shelves, how special it is and it's such a pity that it's going to be unwearable for so many.  I'm expecting lots of returns this week, unless people are happy to keep them as ornaments. I was adamant from the get-go that I was buying these to wear and not just to display. I bought Glissade (ballerinas) to wear, then got really scared when I saw so many broken ones, that I'm worried they are too fragile for everyday wear and have therefore never been brave enough to wear them out. I paid a lot of money for them and would be gutted if they broke first (or indeed on any) wear.

The You're Invited feel a lot more robust than Glissade, they really do. The heel is a block within the wedge containing the carousel horse, glitter and liquid, rather than the casing slotting into the wedge heel and around the figure like the ballerinas or Cinderella. I'd be far, far less fearful wearing these. So, how did I get on with the 39's? Like I say, they certainly didn't look any bigger and the left shoe was the first one I took out and it was a struggle, but I almost had my foot in. I grabbed some tights and had a go with the right foot. Much easier to get on. Still a push and a sore one at that to get in and under the sign, but I did it and reasonably quickly. Once on, the shoe actually feels really roomy in the toe area, which I was surprised at. I tried again with the left and it was painful, but I forced my foot in. I feel like once my feet are in, it feels a bit like I'm wearing one 39 and one 38. They feel like they fit differently. That said, a wander around in them, they seemed to be softening ever so slightly and I started to feel like I had some room at the heel on the left foot. There's no way this would've been the case with the 38's. I could never see at any point, no matter how many times I tried, getting both feet successfully into those shoes.

Listen to me when I say, they aren't a little snug, they feel at least one full size out. I also realise this now pushes size 41's out of the picture, as they'd need a 42 (which weren't made) and 40's will now fit into the largest size. On the other end of the scale, size 35's rejoice, you will fit adult shoes! Upon trying them again today for these photos, same story really. The right foot goes in easier (and quicker), but you still feel a pain across the top of your foot as you push past the sign and the left foot? Well it's still a bit of a struggle, but once I'm in it isn't too bad, it's just getting them on that's still an issue, but much more workable than the 38's. I'm just going to have to persevere with them, even although I'm starting to dread squeezing my foot in as it hurts! They also bruise me every time!  I have two bruises on my left foot and one on the right.  I haven't tried bare feet again, honestly I think that's pushing it just now, I need something that slips in easier.

Ok, so now onto the actual shoes.  No sticky out bits to be mindful of when wearing, but they are super heavy.  Sometimes I find heavy character heels are weighty in the hand, but not on the foot,  these are both.  You know those people that exercise or run with ankle weights? It feels like that.  Well, I assume it feels like that, haven't actually tried it myself..!!  Obviously it's going to be considerably heavier than the likes of the similarly shaped Glissade or Call Me Cinders, because those heels were hollow, this one is filled with liquid.  My Mum suspects this is why there's no elastic on the front, as the weight of the shoe would pull on that and stretch it and the shoe would slip off your foot.  Neither of us are footwear designers or cobblers, so I don't know if that could've been an option for bettering the fit or getting the shoe on, or not.  The other shoes in this collection are more open as they don't have the sign detail (I'm hearing the flats are similarly tight as these though), so they might fit better.  They all have straps, which will ensure the shoe doesn't slip off.  The boots apparently fit generously, but I haven't tried them myself.

As for the removable cuffs, well they are generous. I could do with at least another 2 holes punched in them and I think I might punch a new one at some point. They are thick and stiff as they are made up of the same metallic as the uppers and fully lined, so they prop themselves up without drooping over the shoe, even if your leg is a lot smaller than the cuff, which is great. They come with 3 holes and the buckle is a nice big, non fiddly one.

Although this blog didn't begin as a place for fit advice, that's what it's become and I know a lot of you over the years have gotten to know my feet and how they fit and then use that as a guide for how a shoe will fit on you.  Especially if like me, you rely on online shoe shopping and trying things like this instore isn't an option.  It would be counter-productive of me to use this post to gush over the design of the shoe, ignoring the fit problems, so that's why I've gone into so much detail here.  I could and will, gush about the design in my review on Pink Haired Princess, but you've come to trust my opinion and I therefore could not recommend anyone to buy this style in their regular size.  Like I said above, it's not slating IC to be honest about how a shoe fits (or doesn't fit in this case).  Constructive comments are surely only going to better future styles.  I'll leave it there, as I think this is one of the longest Shoesday posts I've ever written, but hopefully I've covered everything.  If not, comment below and hopefully I can answer.  The lights! I haven't really spoken about those and no photos, as the shoes are so heavy and you really have to stomp indoors when not walking to get the lights to work and I fear my Dad would've thought I was coming through the ceiling today if I'd done that!  Between the pearls on the sign at the front, there's tiny bulbs and also one at the back on the outer side.  There's an on/off switch halfway up the inner side of the shoe and multiple flashes when you switch it on.  Then if you were walking, the lights would flash naturally.  To switch it off, press the same button again and there's a shorter flash of light to let you know it's off.  The lights are all white. 

Wearing:  Tartan tights gift. 
Fit:  5 1/2" heel, 1 1/2" platform, slip on (HA!).  Removable ankle cuff with 3 adjustable buckle settings.  See above for fit information, very small, take at least 1 size up. 
Comfort:  Obviously bruising your foot every time you step into them isn't ideal and at the moment, they still aren't the comfiest.  They are also very heavy, so I can't imagine them being comfortable or easy to wear for a lengthy period of time.   Carousel Circus shoes on feet with red glitter platformtassel ankle cuffs being worn with blue, gold and red metallic platform shoestilted leg wearing carousel snow globe heeled shoes and red tartan tightscrossed legs wearing tassel ankle cuffs and circus themed platform shoesside of red glitter shoes with carousel horse in snow globe heel of shoe with tasselstassel ankle cuffs, red tartan tights and circus carousel shoes being wornbacks of legs wearing see through snow globe heels with carousel horses in themside back angle of glitterglobe heels with carousel horse insideraised and straight leg wearing carousel circus themed shoes with snowglobe heelwearing red tartan tights, embellished and tassel ankle cuffs and matching shoes with snowglobe heelwalking wearing red metallic circus themed shoes with carousel horse heelstriped metallic toes of shoes with circus and carnival light up signs across the foot and removable tassel ankle cuffclose up of transparent glitter globe heel of shoe with circus carousel horse inside
Worn without cuff...carnival circus shoes worn without cuff facing forwardside view of metallic circus shoes with glitter platform worn without ankle cuffside view of carousel glitter globe heeled shoes being worn with tassel at heelmetallic striped circus themed shoes being worn with red tartan tightsclose up of carousel horse in heel of shoe with red tassel and embroidery being worn

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