Tuesday, 30 October 2018

Day 1143 - Shoesday Tuesday

Irregular Choice Woodland Playtime ankle boots
Shoes: Woodland Playtime boots, Irregular Choice Disney Bambi 

I'm going to try and keep chatter to a minimum this week because I'm absolutely exhausted.  These boots arrived late yesterday (too late for photos), so I managed to shoot them earlier today to get them onto the blog.  I only bought two pairs of shoes from the collections that launched last Friday, these and a Dumbo pair.  There wasn't much in the way of high heels in these ranges and that's what I prefer.  No character heels either which is always a slight disappointment.  In saying that, the bags slayed (I got lots) and both boots were pricey, so I'm kinda thankful as that was all I could afford. 
The boot shape on these isn't anything particularly new, they have that rounded Abigail's Party style slim heel, but the uppers are so interesting.  Also Flower, the skunk is super, super soft.  Mine will be dirty as I keep picking it up to stroke!  The only thing to note size wise, is the zip is (unusually) not full length.  It stops at the grassy bit, so there's an inch or two missing that you'd usually have on a boot of this style.  I didn't find them any trouble to get into, but getting them off was particularly difficult.  I think I was being mindful of not grabbing onto the heel or uppers where the flower embellishments are, so that left nowhere to grab.  I tried with my finger inside the boot, to slip it off my heel, but it was a struggle.  That was with bare feet, today with tights, it was fine.  However they feel true to size in width and length and very cushioned once on.  My Dumbo boots have just arrived this evening, I wasn't expecting them today, but they're the wrong size (in the correct box), so I need to get an exchange.  I tried one on and right enough it does feel quite roomy in comparison to these (these are a 38, I was sent a 39 in Dumbo).  Hopefully I'll have that sorted out by next Tuesday and they will be my next Shoesday post for you.  Did you get anything from Bambi and Dumbo last week?     

Wearing: Forest Friends tights Irregular Choice
Fit: 4" heel, inside zip (not full length). True to size.
Comfort:  A bit of a struggle to get off bare feet, with tights it's fine.  No other issues.   front view Bambi tights and ankle boots with skunk and deer appliquewearing patterned Bambi tights and ankle boots with fluffy Bambi appliquewearing limited edition Disney Bambi ankle boots and tightsback view of legs wearing Bambi tights and ankle boots showing floral soleswearing Disney Bambi patterned tights and skunk fluffy applique ankle bootszip fastening on ankle boots, legs wearing Bambi pattern tightslegs wearing disney bambi patterned tights with matching ankle boots with flower embellishmentsclose up of Disney Bambi ankle boot with skunk fluffy appliquefluffy skunk applique on Disney Bambi ankle bootclose up of Disney Bambi ankle boot on foot


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