Sunday, 30 September 2018

Day 1137 - Dust Yourself Off And Try Again

feet side by side wearing odd shoes, one with palm tree other with Miss Piggy
Shoes: Original Diva - Muppets (right foot) and Miami (left foot) both Irregular Choice 

I felt like sneaking in an extra (outfit) post for you this week. This look was from the beginning of July, one of those really hot days we had during summer, which all seems like a distant memory now huh? I was meeting my three Uni flatmates in Edinburgh for a little reunion as it'll soon be 20 years since we first met. I honestly can't believe that. I do feel like a long time has passed since I was school, maybe not 20 years though, but since meeting the girls? It really doesn't feel that long. I have to remember I've been ill for 16 years since then though, so I suppose it does add up. 
Mum, Dad, my sister and I got the bus (wheelchair in the boot) and they were taking me to meet my friends, then going off to do their own thing for a couple of hours.  It was the only way I could manage and it's quite hard to work things like this out, when you're meeting people who only knew you when you were able to run around freely.  I can no longer travel solo or walk even a street away, so everything has to be pre-planned.  Lunch may seem like a quick, stress-free 2 hour thing, but it's a huge activity for me to manage and we thought (well my Mum actually) that we'd chosen a suitable venue, but it turns out Edinburgh is as wheelchair friendly as back home.  Old streets and cobbles, ugh!  What an absolute palaver using the wheelchair entrance to the bar; it involved going all the way around to the back, down a busy street on a steep slope and then over the worst cobbles I've ever been on.  The wheelchair quite literally got stuck between the uneven stones so many times and I was nearly catapulted out, it wasn't the most graceful entrance!  On the way out, we went out the front, I walked and Mum carried the empty wheelchair down the steps, problem solved! 

The bus journey takes over 2 hours each way and it was not a day you wanted to spend stuck on public transport. Although I'm wearing a cardigan below, I never wore it the whole day. I took these photos once we got home (one of these days I will hopefully be organised enough to take photos before I'm all messed up), so my hair was a bit bedraggled and my makeup actually wasn't too bad. I was prepared with cooling primer, budge proof powder and setting spray (which smudged my mascara upon application, thanks), but I was pretty impressed with how well it all lasted. I was in the midst of a bad breakout, so makeup was necessary and I was generally feeling a bit 'blah' about getting dressed up and going out in public because my skin was getting me down and the dress I'd intended to wear suddenly became obscene within the space of a few days!  However on the day, I didn't feel too bad, a little self-conscious but not terrible.  So shoes, ok well you know how you do that standing on one foot wearing two different shoes in the mirror trying to decide which to wear? I narrowed it down to these two and my sister suggested I wear one of each and the shoes are the same style so it was doable (same platform and heel height), so I went with that.

I wore the "Miss" of Original Diva, because I wasn't sure I wanted to walk around randomly with "Piggy" written on my foot! OD fit like an absolute dream on me and despite my feet swelling quite a bit (as you'd imagine after hours travelling in that heat), they are very comfortable with their cushioned lining (a little too hot though). Miami feel slightly roomier and the strap really annoys me as it covers the flamingo, whereas it's shorter on Miss Piggy, to allow for that detail on the counter. I thought they actually looked good as a pair and I think most people wouldn't even know they were separate shoes (my friends didn't). Then the bag. It's actually a case that came with the Spectrum Little Mermaid dinglehopper makeup brushes in it. It's far, far too pretty (and expensive) to keep for that, so I'm going to use it as a handbag. It fastens at the front with a stud, then there's a zip on each side, like a lid to open it. Unfortunately you need to unzip both and the stud to get into it, so I wouldn't take it anywhere that I needed to be in and out of it quickly and frequently, but it was perfect for this occasion and it's also a nice shape to sit on my lap when I'm in the wheelchair.  I was my usual, overdressed, colourful self compared to everyone else, same as 20 years ago! 

I've mixed feelings on the whole day if I'm really honest, I don't want to get into it here, but it was a lot of hassle for a brief encounter and one I paid for in pain and tiredness for some time (or might still be).  It was a last minute decision to go, because I'd instead chosen London in May and really it was too much for me to do both, but on the flipside, I might've felt like I'd missed out if I hadn't gone.  As it was, I did feel a bit estranged as I was there so briefly and they'd already spent the weekend together, so most of the reminiscing had already been done.  My heart wasn't really in it, but that was because I was already so knackered.  Anyway it's done and a cool shoe combo came out of it.  What do you think, like the mismatched shoes and makeup case as handbag? 

Wearing: Blue polka dot Dolores dress and flamingo Lucy cardigan (still available) both Collectif, Papa Razzy sunglasses (current) and Sing Sirena (mermaid) ring both Irregular Choice, flamingo ring gift, lilac unicorn ring Me & Zena, tassel clip-on earrings River Island, large hair flower ASOS and Disney Ariel chest Spectrum (current).
Fit:  Original Diva 4 1/4" heel, small concealed platform or very padded sole depending on how you look at it!  True to size, adjustable buckle fastening.  Miami 4 1/4" heel, small concealed platform, adjustable buckle fastening on strap. Generous fit on both the shoe and ankle strap, though I would still suggest buying your usual size.
Comfort:  No issue with either.   collage of full length outfit photos wearing Collectuf flamingo cardigan polka dot Dolores dress and carrying ariel chest handbagblogger with pastel curly hair, pin up look with retro hair flower and fringed earringsblogger with pastel curly hair, glitter sunglasses, large hair flower and tassel earringspolka dot dress and foot wearing Miss Piggy glitter shoepolka dot dress and foot wearing Miami theme flamingo shoepolka dot dress with mismatched tbar shoes on feetblue polka dot dress with Miss Piggy shoe and silver treasure chest handbagmermaid shell and pearl ring on handunicorn ring and flamingo ring on handlilac unicorn shaped ring on fingerbeaded flamingo midi ring on fingerdisney mermaid silver treasure chest handbag

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