Tuesday, 24 July 2018

Day 1132 - Shoesday Tuesday

bent leg in background, straight leg in foreground wearing floral patterned tights and Disney Toy Story shoes
Shoes: You've Got A Friend In Me - Irregular Choice Disney Toy Story 

Hello gang! How are you all this week?  So last time, I showed you my You Are A Toy boots from the IC Toy Story collection and I mentioned I'd unexpectedly bought another TS pair...and here they are! Schuh have an imperfects section online with anything ranging from shop display fading, missing trims, scratches, breakages or irremovable marks on the items.  You can get really lucky-I think it must depend on who inspects/lists them, but sometimes the damage is minimal (and not worth discounting imo) and/or they are drastically reduced.  These were a lucky find before the sale had started, or so I and many others thought.  They were reduced a lot for a mark on the uppers that I couldn't even spot from the images.  Sadly someone else had them in their basket and until they checked out, they were reserved for them. 
Boy, did I check!  I stalked them for a whole day and woke up unusually early the next morning, thinking this was a sign, I went straight to the website.  Nope, still there but not available to buy.  What I did note though, was all the other IC's that had been added that day had sold and gone from the website, so there was a glimmer of hope that it wasn't a glitch and someone genuinely hadn't checked out (do it already!).  So I went back to bed, got up as usual and eating breakfast I added them to my basket again.  "Added".  Huh, what????? Honestly, I was like, what just happened?  So with a discount I had for writing a review, I think I paid around £88 for them (rrp £199).  I was ecstatic.  Even more so when they arrived and I still couldn't find the mark and they fitted (which I'd been very worried about, but was prepared to keep them as ornaments for that price tbh).  I did eventually find the mark and it's light grey, tiny and in a spot where there's already grey shading to the print, so it's really unnoticeable, plus it's hidden by the bandana tie anyway!  I never would've complained about something so minor had I bought them full-price.  Now the reason I didn't buy these when they launched was because I was trying to be restrained considering the TS collection wasn't my favourite, compared to Muppets for example.  I already had the ankle boots with these character heels, so I figured I didn't need these too.  Then I blogged about them as one of the sneak peeks before the collection launched and when I saw them with the TS tights, it was love!  I'm glad I held off though for this unexpected bargain.

So size wise, bear in mind I used to always size-up in character heels.  Since losing weight and IC turning a bit more generous generally, I've been sticking to my own size (5/38) more and more.  These however, reminded me of the original Flopsy bunny heels which at the time I tried in both sizes and felt more comfortable in the bigger.  I heard a lot of people were finding these running small, so had I been given a choice of sizes, I'd have likely just got the bigger (6/39) straight away.  So I was definitely nervous about buying the 5, then delighted when they were a good fit.  I'd even say they fit me better than the boots last week.  I feel like there's a little wiggle room here and I didn't have that with the ankle boots.  The photos show a very arched instep and they do feel quite high, higher than the actual heel height.  There is that small concealed platform, but if you are unaccustomed to wearing heels, I think your feet might be uncomfortable at this angle.  I feel very snug and enclosed in these, which is a feeling I like.  I don't know how else to describe it, like the shoes are really hugging your feet, it feels very secure.

I do have Toy Story tights myself (not the pair from the preview), but I wanted to try something a bit different with these SS18 box/sole inspired ones (now in the sale).  I hadn't even realised until I uploaded the photos that the more purple leg happened to be the Buzz heel and the red one, Woody.  Inadvertently matching!  I always say I love IC tights and these are no exception; no print lines, thick and comfortable.  Not the type of hosiery you'd wear in this current weather (I suffered for my art yesterday, haha), but I'd definitely recreate this combination again in cooler months.  If your size isn't available in the shoes on the link above, you can find more here (with 15% off until the end of the month with code JULY15).         

Wearing:  Kimono print tights* Irregular Choice.
Fit: 4 3/4" heel and 3/4" concealed platform.  Slip-on.  Tie can be undone, but is pretty much decorative (it doesn't do much if you untie it).  Quite narrow fitting, but I'm comfortable in my regular size. 
Comfort:  Like I said above, there's something very secure about these, which makes me comfortable, but I don't think everyone will feel that way!     legs facing forward in bright floral tights with Toy Story patterned shoesback view of legs in floral tights with Buzz and Woody Disney Toy Story character heels bright patterned tights with Disney Irregular Choice shoeslegs facing forward with foot lifted to show Andy printed on solecrossed legs wearing cow print Toy Story shoes with Buzz Lightyear character heelside view of legs wearing floral fashion tights and Toy Story printed cow print shoesclose up owearing Disney Toy Story Buzz Lightyear character heelclose up of foot wearing Toy Story Woody character heeled shoe


  1. These are super cute! I love the bright combination of tights against the shoes and they just look amazing! Cannot believe you wore tights! I wore some for a flute gig a few weeks ago because my dress was quite short and melted!

  2. Love how you've styled these and yes to a brilliant bargain!


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