Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Day 1130 - Shoesday Tuesday

legs wearing fishnet tights and colourful fruit flower shoes with hula girl heels
Shoes: Waikiki by Irregular Choice 

I'm back! Or rather my feet are. I hope you've missed my shoe posts, I've certainly missed my weekly dose of Shoesday blogging. I have a longer post over on Pink Haired Princess regarding my health this year and why I had to take a break from blogging, if you don't follow me over there, it's worth a read rather than me repeating it all here. The good thing (for you) is, I have a ginormous backlog of Shoesday and outfit posts.  So I'm going to try and work my way through them when I can. Without stressing about it, I must add! It's funny, after I finished the shoe challenge all those years ago and started just working off new shoes or rare outfit posts, I expected the blog to come to a standstill. Every time I think I'm maybe about to run out of new posts, a big collection comes out and I seem to be back to not seeing an end in sight. A good thing! Anyway, these are my latest purchase, one of two pairs actually because I really loved this launch.
I honestly haven't bought many shoes this year as I still seem to be paying my family back for overspending last year (!), so I've curbed the buying. I stumbled upon these new heels by accident (pre-release) and after some digging, found several of the styles, aside from this one. It was love at first sight for me on the day of the launch. The brand new character heel is glorious in itself, but the shoe just feels so fresh and I was very excited by it. I've fallen so in love with them, I just want to wear them all the time, which always speaks volumes to me. They are one of those styles that feel and look even more stunning on the foot, but are amazing enough off. I can't think of a previous similar style with this fabulous ankle detail and I must admit, I expected the rope to be a little uncomfortable but was proven wrong. It doesn't 'slip' at all (tied as a single bow rather than a double knot), which is perfect and I love the little grass skirt detail on the ends as a trim.   I also didn't imagine the leaves around the ankle would meet at the front, but they do on me. Embellishments such as fruit or flowers aren't a new thing to IC, but there's lots of new materials in here, which was nice to see. I'm actually taken aback with the amount of different fabrics, colours and trims in this one shoe, it's amazing.  Honestly when they first arrived I just stared at them for days.

The heel feels very comfortable to wear-I think they look a lot higher than they feel and they feel very solid. Size wise, I have nothing to report, they are absolutely true to size in width and length for me. You do sometimes have to unhook some of the leaves at the front (the pleather ones, not the artificial flowers), as they can get caught under as your foot slips in. I tried out several widths of fishnets with them (they are gorgeous bare legged, but I hadn't painted my nails and I hate wearing open toes like that!), but these ones reminded me of the mesh bags fruit come in, which was rather apt!  They are just such fun, bright, colourful, happy shoes.  What do you think, do you like these?
Wearing:  Fishnet tights New Look.   
Fit:  4 1/2" heel, 1/2" platform.  Rope ankle tie.  True to size, stick with your regular size. 
Comfort:  Can't foresee any issues with these, there's no rubbing across the front or open toe and like I said above, the tie feels very secure.   legs face on wearing bright flower and fruit open toed shoes with yellow grass skirt trim and rope ankle tiesone leg facing one angled wearing fishnet tights and brightly coloured sandalsback view of hula girl heels with red grass skirts and floral uppershula girl character heeled shoes shown with fishnet tights and patterned Hawaii printed solesside angled legs in fishnets with hula girl heeled colourful shoesstraight leg and bent leg in background wearing fishnet tights and Irregular Choice hula girl heeled shoescrossed legs wearing fishnet tights and leaf and flower and fruit covered shoesclose up of feet wearing fishnet tights and rope tied ankle strap green shoes with fruit and flower embellishmentsdetailed view of hula girl heeled shoes on foot with fishnet tightsclose up of floral and fruity shoe with grass skirt hula girl heels on one foot wearing fishnet tightsclose up of plastic fruit and artificial flowers across toe of shoe, on foot with fishnet tightsback view detail of two feet wearing hula girl heeled shoes with pretty Hawaii patterned soles visible


  1. These are bonkersly cute!!!

  2. These are lovely - snowed under with work and house stress I completely missed their release, but I love the tropical colours and the super heel. I like how they look with the fishnet tights as well. I've been so into fishnets, lately!

    1. Me too and with some things I didn't expect them to go with.

  3. Hope you are ok my lovely!xxx


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