Friday, 27 October 2017

Day 1122 - Shoesday Tuesday

wearing Irregular Choice Disney Muppets Fierce Piggy boots
Shoes: Irregular Choice Muppets Fierce Piggy* boots 

A special post for you today to celebrate the launch of the new Muppets collection at Irregular Choice. I have a pair of the Fierce Piggy character heeled boots to show you.
So I've reviewed them in great detail over on Pink Haired Princess and there you can see close up, all the little embellishments and trims. You can also see the really cool feature with the character heel, where you can change Miss Piggy's skirts! #Lifemade! She can either wear her painted silver bodysuit, black pleated skirts or red, glitter tulle skirts or one of each or whatever you fancy. I've wanted this detail for a long time, so I'm very excited about it! Here though, I'm going to talk more about the fit and comfort. I opted for the larger size (6/39) and while they are slightly big, there's not a great deal of room. It's hard to judge if the smaller size would've fitted without trying them in person, but these certainly don't feel overly roomy, so they are maybe running a half size small. They have a wide top and as is often the way with this style of boot (especially as they are quite hard), they rub above the ankle bone. I felt it immediately. Even with tights, I could feel it, but once I put socks on, it disappeared, so that's something to bear in mind. The heel and platform feel sturdy and manageable to me and it's not the highest heel we've ever seen. My Mum and Dad had been away on holiday and it was sheer luck, they brought me back these pom pom socks as they match perfectly with the boots. The pom pom is supposed to be worn at the back, but I fancied it at the side, given the bow detail already on the back of the boot. Also, I did mention this in my review, the boots are very noisy when walking as the beaded fringe detail at the back swishes against the glitter uppers.  At first I was like "huh, what's that?" then it dawned on me!  What do you think, do you like these?

Wearing: Black fishnet tights (similar here) and pom pom socks gift.
Fit: 4 1/2" heel and 1/2" platform, zip opening. I'm wearing the size up and they feel a little large, but not massively so.
Comfort: As mentioned above, the tops are going to rub, socks help prevent that. front view wearing leopard print Muppets boots with heart appliquewearing leopard print Miss Piggy boots with zip openingback view of Miss Piggy character heels with glitter bow and beaded fringe detailwearing fishnet tights, pom pom socks and Miss Piggy leopard print ankle bootsIrregular Choice Disney Muppets Fierce Piggy boots side viewback view of Miss Piggy character heeled boots worn with fishnet tightsMiss Piggy ankle boots in glitter leopard printwearing Irregular Choice Disney Muppets Fierce Piggy bootsdetailed view of Irregular Choice Disney Muppets Fierce Piggy boots on foot


  1. I love the pom pom socks! They go so well with the boots!

  2. Me too! They look awesome. I really liked the boots when I saw them - so detailed.


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