Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Day 1121 - Shoesday Tuesday

Irregular Choice Maya birdcage boots on the foot
Shoes: Irregular Choice blue and pink birdcage Maya boots 

I have the very latest character heel from Irregular Choice to show you today. I've just reviewed them in more detail on Pink Haired Princess, so head over there afterwards for that. I said there that they are a similar shape to my Glissade or Call Me Cinders in the foot, though obviously these are a taller boot. They hit mid-calf on me and I bought them in my usual size (5/38) after much deliberating. Both those other styles I sized up in, hence the dilemma. Glissade were super small and just fitted in the bigger size, CMC were more generous, so a little bit of wiggle room in the size up. I've been finding IC big lately (mostly) and I figured with the zip and laces, I could fiddle around until they fit.
I mentioned in my review the lacing is hard work. It's thick, double sided, velvet ribbon and wide, so it is a bit stiff and tricky to pull through the eyelets (and to do so neatly), especially the first time. That said, it's stunning. Absolutely beautiful when looking at it from the front and I really appreciate the fact it is velvet on both sides. I'm not sure I have them exactly as I'd like yet (I was losing patience and nails!), but I'll have another go and then after that they can just be zipped up and down and I won't need to touch the ribbon. I widened the lacing further down, across the front of my ankle and widest part of my foot, which is usually where I find tightness in boots.

They were quite tight to begin with and I've tried the Ava's Aviary too and found those a bit bigger than the boots, so the foot part isn't the issue. They'll loosen up a bit and once I sort the laces properly, they'll be fine in that size. They are quite weighty, perhaps not as much as the Alice teacups (though is anything?!), but they don't feel overly clumpy. The birdcage creeps outwith the back of the boot ever so slightly, but the sides are in line, so there shouldn't be issues knocking them together when walking (which would likely scrape the paintwork on the metal cage, so be careful of that). What else? The bird doesn't move or rather the swing doesn't swing. The tail feathers and some of the trims will blow around in the wind though, peeking out through the bars of the cage, which I rather like. The platform really makes the heel much more manageable and the base is relatively wide. They are 'rockers'; you can see the platform sole turns upwards at the front, so you can really rock on them when walking. I've not put much thought into how I'd style them yet, but because they don't feel quite as fragile as the perspex heeled wedges, I'm determined to wear these lots! Despite all that's going on with them, the colours seem like they'd work with a lot of my wardrobe, so I have no worries of finding outfits to suit them. What do you think, do you like the updated version of the music box heel?

Wearing: Star fishnet tights Primark (old) similar here.
Fit: 1 1/2" platform and 5 1/2" heel. A little tight to start with across the foot in my usual size, but the laces can be slackened, so there's no need to size up.
Comfort: I wasn't worrying wearing these for this post, they feel like normal wedge boots, albeit a bit heavy, but they are easy to walk on and there's no 'creaking' that sometimes occurred on the perspex versions. velvet laces front view of Irregular Choice Maya birdcage bootsIrregular Choice Maya birdcage boots worn with star fishnet tightsIrregular Choice Maya birdcage boots being wornclose up of blue velvet ribbon laces on Irregular Choice Maya birdcage bootswearing Irregular Choice Maya birdcage boots showing zip fasteningbirds in birdcage heel on Irregular Choice Maya birdcage bootswearing Irregular Choice Maya boots showing birdcage heel detail from behindback view wearing Irregular Choice Maya boots with birdcage concept heelwearing Irregular Choice Maya birdcage boots showing glitter platform, floral applique and heel detailwearing Irregular Choice floral Maya boots with birdcage detail shownclose up floral applique uppers on Irregular Choice Maya birdcage boots

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