Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Day 1066 - Shoesday Tuesday

Shoes: Pegasos Irregular Choice 

Hello, hope you're all well. I have a really special pair of shoes for you today, plenty photos and lots to say, so I'll dive straight in. The shoes just launched on Friday, arriving yesterday and are my absolute dream shoe, I'm so in love.
Due to the strappy leg detail and fact I've sized up in all but one of the other 5 unicorn heels I own, I made the decision from the start to buy the bigger size. The shoe part is very comfortable on me. I worried they might gape on top, but don't find they do and there's a little room inside, but not enough that my foot is slipping around, they are just very comfortable. The heart shaped buckle is adjustable on every single strap. They come with 3 holes in each strap, but there's plenty room to pierce more. Like the Roarsum dinosaur heels (though they were shorter), the leg is generous. I slipped them on as they were, zipped them up (full length centre back zip) and then set about adjusting the buckles to fit my leg. I think I tightened all straps into the tightest hole and my legs are shapely. The second time I tried them on, they were a little harder to zip up, because I'd made those adjustments. I don't feel they are mega tight once on, but I'm conscious of not wanting to stretch the straps with wear or put unnecessary strain on the zip. The top few straps are ever so slightly too big (even in that smallest hole), that they can slip down a little with wear. The back section stays upright (so it's not the whole boot), but the front of the straps slip. It's minimal though and I could easily punch another hole in the strap, but again I'm not wanting to rush into it and find I've tightened them too much. Conversely, there's one strap further down I might loosen or punch another mid-hole hole if that's too slack. There's a lot of options anyway, to get the perfect fit and I'm thankful they've taken curvier legs into consideration when designing these, as I've often missed out on slim fitting styles (from any brand) because of this. Slimmer legs might struggle with these though. There's already a lot of extra length on the straps, so punching new holes will mean even more extra length. The strap is stitched the entire way round (outer fabric to lining), so if you were to cut the excess you'd be left with a 'raw' edge, which could possibly fray and is 'unfinished'. I don't think the metallic uppers are just a thin foil like layer on top though, so they could be fine and the lining doesn't seem like the fraying type either. A bit of glue that dries clear, to seal the edge could prevent fraying on a material that was prone to it. 

I was home alone taking these photos and my camera timer wasn't playing ball at focusing, so I didn't manage to get any decent shots of them from the back. It's hard enough capturing a back view of your heels, but even worse when they are almost knee high. Oh yes, that's what I was going to say, there's 9 straps in total and they don't quite reach my knee (5ft 5.5" with "in proportion" legs). Also the tassel tail is removable from the back zip, if you so wish. I personally enjoy whipping it back and forth! I did take a little video yesterday of them in motion, but I'm not sure I have time to edit it today. There's a little teaser on my Facebook. Finally, I felt the shading on the unicorn looked darker than my others, but haven't taken them upstairs yet to compare and I hope the measurements below are correct, I didn't have a tape measure to hand, so took those from my other unicorns. I'll double check tonight and update if it's different. What do you think, do you like these? Happy to see something creeping up the leg in character heels?

Fit: 4 3/4" heel and 3/4" concealed platform. Full length centre back zip and 3 hole adjustable buckle fastening on all 9 straps. See above for fit information.
Comfort: I had these on for a good while yesterday and once you get them fitting correctly, I don't see any issues.


  1. Oh, they're amazing, even more so in these photos than on the site the other day. They definitely wouldn't work on my calves, though, so I'll have to live vicariously through you with these ones.

    1. The material is stunning in the flesh. I feel it doesn't always photograph that well unfortunately. The oil slick effect is much more noticeable than on Pretty Poodle or Tiny Ted, but it's that same type of material.

  2. I love the oil slick but I'm just not into gladiator style long straps. That said, as usual, you win me over a bit with your enthusiastic detailing and looking closer shots!!

  3. Oh gosh! These are SO amazing! IC know how to do amazing, dont they!?

    1. They are fabulous, one of my favourite ever character heel designs.


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