Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Day 1068 - Shoesday Tuesday

Shoes: Lola unicorn Sophia Webster 

Hello lovelies, another pair of shoes for you this week, some magical unicorns.
I'd had my eye on these Sophia Webster courts the moment they launched. Unicorns are like my favouritist thing ever, so the print undoubtedly appealed to me. The unicorns themselves are very sweet. There's just the one illustration, though they vary in size and colour and there's sporadic stars. They are lively and jolly and I love that it continues all over the shoe, even the heel. They also matched the famous metallic unicorn clutches SW made. The background colour is a beautiful pale blue and they are made from a non-shiny satin. I eventually got my hands on them (obviously) and though I loved the shoe, they didn't do anything for me on the foot. I've tried one of the Lola courts before, but these seemed to have a different fit. I bought the half size larger, because I always find SW narrow and the length was fine, but the toe is so narrow and shallow. Standing in them was uncomfortable and I felt like my foot was bulging and looked unsightly. I also disliked the low cut vamp, revealing ample toe cleavage. You either like that type of thing or don't, there's no in-between really is there? I wore tights for these photos, but you can still see how much toe was on show and I just didn't like it. I was looking at that and not the adorable wee unicorns. So I ended up selling them on. I needed some pennies for the IC Alice collection and they would've just sat there as shelf decoration, which seemed silly. It's a pity when that happens though, when you've been lusting after something for so long. Ah well, I haven't missed them too much, so I did the right thing.  How do you like these?

Wearing: House of Holland pink colour card tights.
Fit: Heel 4 1/4". Mine are a half size larger than usual (38.5) and I find them very narrow and shallow in the toe (as I do with most SW styles).
Comfort: For me the front section was too tight, but I suspect my foot would've slipped out (even in just the half size larger).


  1. That's interesting. Most British designers cut more generously, even Sophia's patron Nicholas Kirkwood cuts generously. Still I love the risque cut of the top designers, and I think it's good that Sophia Webster is trying to combine luxe and affordablility.

    1. I agree, in general I find higher end designers true to size or generous, but SW are just sooo narrow, especially in the toe and I've tried a variety of styles.

  2. I can see why you don't like the overly generous toe-cleavage! I always feel weird about it too! Shame as they are rather gorgeous!

    1. Yeah, sometimes I can just about live with it, but I think that combined with them being too small in that area, they had to go.


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