Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Day 1067 - Shoesday Tuesday

Shoes: 'Coco' clown platforms Terry De Havilland 

Yay, it's Tuesday, my favourite blogging day! If you are new to The Shoe Girl Diaries, then willkommen and let me summarise what I do here. I used to blog outfit posts, several times a week, with the emphasis on the shoes. Actually, I began the blog with the challenge of wearing and photographing my extensive shoe collection. With a different pair each day and no repetitions, but that's a story in itself! Due to my health deteriorating a couple of years ago, I was no longer able to get dressed regularly, thus Shoesday Tuesday was born. Every Tuesday, I choose a pair of shoes I haven't previously shown on the blog and try them on, detailing information such as fit, heel heights, fastenings etc. I buy all my shoes online, so I know it's handy to have this information. You'd have thought (indeed I did) that I'd run out of 'never seen before' shoes, but my first Shoesday Tuesday was back in June 2014 and we've had 84 Shoesday posts since then! On my last count I have plenty of months ahead, so no need to panic just yet!
These shoes, I bought last year sometime (the photos are from a while ago judging by the state of the shoe room in the background), after choosing an outfit for them in my The Shoe Girl Styles It feature. As often happens, a hazard of the job! I hadn't really appreciated them before then. It wasn't until I looked closer that I even realised they had clown faces in the print to be honest! I realise clowns put the fear in many, but they don't bother me in the correct context (not those menacing ones in scary films). I actually like the bold stripes and overall with the colours, they are unlike anything else I have in my collection. I very much admire TdH; he and his wife are hard workers and very passionate about what they do. They do it well and deserve more recognition for it I think. I remember watching a documentary years ago when I was a fashion student and Terry sat crafting the shoes by hand all through the interview, it was utterly fascinating to watch! Back then I never thought I'd get to chance to even try his shoes, so I feel very lucky to have owned a few pairs over the years. Every time I look at mine, I can't help but picture him in his studio making them-I love that there's still old-school cobblers like this, it's brilliant. Now I'm in the mood to take a look at his stuff and see if there's anything that takes my fancy! There's one pair of size 7's left in this design or other non-clown patterns on the same link above, if you're looking. Question this week is most definitely, can you handle the clowns? You don't actually see them when you wear them....that much.

Fit: 5 3/4" heel and 1 1/4" platform. Adjustable buckle on strap. True to size.
Comfort: The platform somewhat compensates for the high heel and the heel is chunky, so I don't find them difficult to walk in.


  1. I'm just not sure how I feel about clowns. I like pierrot style ones, but these not so much. That said, I'd love to own a pair of TdH shoes some day.

    1. I'd go for a pair of the signature wedges like Margaux, they are so comfy.

  2. Such unique shoes, which I don't come across often. Nice pair doll.


    1. Thank you, the print is like you say very unusual.

  3. Looks gorgeous!
    Have a nice week-end!
    Photographer Gil Zetbase


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