Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Day 1029 - Shoesday Tuesday

feet wearing black tights and nude lace court shoes with bow
Shoes: Nude Mal E Bow Irregular Choice 

I can count on the one hand the number of times I've left the house this year. Then, I had physio last week, a dentist appointment, which led to another (in the same week), then a few days later a trip to the doctor. With my birthday sandwiched in the middle!* Suffice to say I'm pooped!  I'm not sure if I'll post all my outfits...well actually I might reenact the ones I didn't take photos of at the time, because it's more exciting when you see a wee bit more than shoes, isn't it?
I bought these lace courts last year as a birthday treat (just a fluke on the timing of wearing them again around my birthday) and you first saw them on Shoesday Tuesday last July.  They've since been released in a whole host of new colours, so I've linked to the closest one above, as my nude pair are no longer available. This was my first time wearing them 'out' and I concur with my initial thoughts in that post, one shoe seems to rub the top part of my smaller toes, but the other foot was fine.  I did feel them digging into the heels a little, so they definitely need a little more wear (and stretch), but I wasn't doing any walking, so they didn't get the chance to hurt!  I have no idea how to dress for the weather right now (especially as I'm never out in it), it's beautiful and sunny one minute then hail and thunder the next, so that's the reason for thick tights in May.  I just didn't trust the weather enough to go bare legged.  I didn't wear a coat though, if that matters!  I think the shoes look better without dark tights, but they were the first pair I spied, that were easy to locate and happened to go with the dress sitting on top of 'clothes mountain'.  Tell me everyone has that chair piled up with clothes in their room too?  I added my trusty big belt which is straight sized, so I just fit it with a hole or two to spare and I was ready.  Life is so much easier when you don't wear makeup I'm realising (though I do miss it), I can get ready so quickly.  It feels very strange wearing 'real' clothes too, when I've spent so long in jammies or physio gear.  Anyway, what do you think of these pretty shoes and the whole outfit?

*Update, I scheduled this post before what turned out to be a nightmare weekend.  I was already floored from my trips out and unable to do much, but on Saturday night My Mum was sick, then I fell ill, violently throwing up for 12 hours with absolutely no sleep.  On my birthday too. Fabulous!  I'm in a huge amount of pain, not eating and struggling to even drink.  So my cards and presents remain unopened and it'll certainly go down as the worst birthday ever!  I cancelled my doctor appointment, definitely some irony in being too ill to go to the doctor!  You might not hear much from me this week, as I need time to recover, but I just wanted to update you x

Wearing:  ASOS paisley scuba wiggle dress and wide tipped belt, Primark black tights.
Fit: True to size, 4" heel.
Comfort: Like I said above, a little rigid to begin with. feet facing forward wearing black tights and pale lace court shoes with satin bowsplus size blogger wearing asos paisley wiggle dress and wide beltcrossed legs wearing paisley dress black tights and nude lace heelsclose up of waist wearing paisley wiggle dress and wide black belt with gold buckleclose up of paisley fabric dress


  1. I love your outfit and think the shoes look lovely with tights (but then again, I wear tights all the time, so I'm biased). Sorry to hear about you not feeling well, especially on your birthday :(( I had a stomach flu last month and it was hell, throwing up all day and then the next few days feeling all weak and I couldn't eat and just drank water carefully. It was horrible and I can recall it all too well so I feel your pain! Best wishes!

    1. Urgh, yes it seems it's going around : ( Glad to say I'm over the worst of it now and feeling like getting back to blogging x

  2. It's a beautiful outfit. I'm so sorry you've been sick after being so busy. Hopefully you can get back to being able to drink water--that's scary!

    1. It was horrible, I stopped peeing (probably TMI) because of my lack of fluids (and I go A LOT usually), but thankfully after a wee while, I got back into eating and drinking again.

  3. I saw a tweet of the another reader of SGD from japan :D https://twitter.com/yakolog/status/473788021305655296

    1. That's so cool, thanks for sharing it x


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