Monday, 6 July 2015

The Shoe Girl Styles It: Markus Lupfer Crystal Jellies

stock image of blue jelly Markus Lupfer shoes with small crystal studs on white background
Wow, it's so long since I've done this, I've almost forgotten what to do! I'm hoping to be back to blogging full-time this week, but I shan't promise anything before I know it's sustainable! You may be wondering why I'm styling 'designer' shoes during the week (usually reserved for the weekend TSGSI), but even at full-price these sandals were cheaper than some high-street shoes and now that they're in the sale, they are too bargainious (totally a word) to keep until the weekend.
They are Markus Lupfer crystal stud jelly flats, reduced to £24 from £60. With iridescent crystals all over the shoe, they will sparkle and twinkle when they catch the light. There's an adjustable buckle on the strap and a very slight heel. So I definitely envisioned a laidback, summery vibe for these, teaming them with this peachy floral dress by Evans. I added a big straw bag, Topshop sunnies and of course some SPF30 to protect against the sun. I think this dress would look delightful with a long pendant, but I'd probably not bother if it was too hot, as I find jewellery really irritating in the heat. I couldn't resist adding this dinky Bourjois nail polish, which "hold onto your hats", is a remarkable 45p (available in several colours). Seriously, what can you buy for 45p these days?  You could get all 12 shades and it would only cost £5.40! Designer shoes for £24 and makeup at 45p, am I treating you to the deals today or what? So, what do you think of this look?  Good to be back folks : )Polyvore outfit set beach summer look for Markus Lupfer jelly shoes
Worn with: Evans floral dress £20 (sale), Tantra floral trim straw bag £23 (sale), Topshop 'Cherie' cateye sunglasses £18, Garnier Ambre Solaire Golden Protect Lotion SPF30 £3.99 and Bourjois mini nail enamel £0.45.  


  1. I misssssssssssssssssssssed you!!! I really like these- tempted to go and have a look at these! They are pretty and I really like the styling!x

    1. Thank you very much x Nice to be back.

  2. I loooved that dress and I also loved the crystal jelly shoes! I have kind of these shoes, but from Melissa. They are so comfortable and so summery!

    1. Melissa jelly shoes are great, so comfortable and smell so sweet too!


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