Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Day 1028 - Shoesday Tuesday

shoe bloggers feet wearing Irregular Choice holographic bow shoes
Shoes:  Irregular Choice 'Fancy This Party People' 

The other month, I decided to put my money where my mouth was, after mentioning these shoes several times in blog posts.  Most notably, I styled them in The Shoe Girl Styles It here...way back in November last year.
The heel looks a little lower than I'd usually opt for, but actually it's just under 4".  I think my feet are getting wider, so the strap barely fastens (Velcro) on me.  I've included a shot of this below.  Hopefully once I get moving about again, my feet will slim, but certainly right now the shoes feel quite snug and I could do with extra length in the strap (not sure how it will withhold walking/movement).  The promotional images don't do these shoes justice (I know I sound like a broken record regarding this), because the lovely iridescent sheen has to be witnessed in real life.  I've included a photo of the shoes with the flash on, so you can see just how colourful and sparkly they become.  The heel and bow are a fine cream glitter.  One of my bows is a little loose (stitched on, but wobbling about), so glue may be required to fix that, but otherwise I can never fault the Schuh service.  Free delivery usually always arrives next day, which is brilliant.  This style/colourway are a Schuh exclusive by the way, so you won't find them elsewhere.  What do you think? Mermaid/unicorn worthy shoes?

Fit:  Just under 4" heel, Velcro strap fastening.  Usual size, wider feet may wish to size-up for extra wiggle room/strap.
Comfort:  Once I break these in, they should be a little comfier. holographic glitter mary jane shoes with bows on floorwearing rainbow holographic material shoes with bowside view of strap fastening on holographic shoes


  1. These are my wedding shoes:) so excited to wear them!

  2. Ooh - I have these shoes (had to get them when you posted them on your blog). I love them and call them my mermaid shoes too! I wear them with a pastel colour mermaid print top from Iron Fist to continue the theme. They've had so many compliments and they look amazing on a sunny day.

    The only downside to the shoes is their comfort - I can't wear them for very long periods of time.

    However, i'm still in love with them and have you to thank for bringing them to my attention.



    1. Brilliant. I haven't thought how I'll wear them yet. I do think once they stretch a little they'll be slightly more comfortable because at the moment they are snug on me. I'm finding that a lot lately though, but the size up are too big (haven't tried them in this style though).

  3. They are really amazing, I love Irregular Choice! I know what you mean, I have some pairs with bows and sometimes I need some glue to fix them. But it's fine after 30 seconds! They really look amazing!

    1. One shoe seems fine, but I'm not keen to wear the other one before fixing it! Thank you x

  4. I tried these on in Schuh but I couldn't get my foot at the angle. Sad times. x

    1. Awww : ( They felt and measured higher than I was expecting.


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