Friday, 27 December 2013

Day 971 - My Baby's Coming Home For Christmas

Shoes: 'Dreamy' Santa heels Irregular Choice 

Another day, another Santa heeled outfit! This was Christmas day and for once I wasn't organised at all with what I was going to wear. At the last moment, I spied this gorgeous Coast dress which I bought a while ago having tried it on ("just to see if it fits"). Turns out I couldn't leave Debenhams without it! It was rather pricey (or at least more than I'd normally pay for a dress) and I've never really had the right occasion for it yet. I don't think you can properly see how pretty it is here, it's gorgeous in real life with a full skirt and net layered underneath.  So, I would normally pair it with bright pink shoes or something that blends, but my Mum insisted I wear my Santa heels to show my nephews (I got a grunt from them at most). They actually looked quite cute even though I wouldn't usually wear blue with black (you know how fussy I am with that). I was pretty shattered from the get-go on Christmas having overdone it a bit on Christmas Eve, so didn't enjoy it very much. It didn't feel much like Christmas either. We didn't stay too late at my sisters, but I still felt like hell yesterday. In agony all over and completely exhausted. So much so that I contemplated being sick at 2am this morning when I couldn't sleep for the gale outside, but thankfully got a good sleep after that, hence the productive day today! I'm glad Santa let me have these shoes early, because I've certainly had my wear this year!  How was your Christmas?

Wearing: 'Kayleigh' floral dress Coast, blue fishnet tights House of Holland, stag ring Primark, stag (smaller) ring and hare ring (part of set) Topshop, green and blue bow vintage brooch my Granny's, blue jewelled hair clip gift, Christmas bracelets left in my stocking from Santa, green Charming bag Love Moschino.
Fit: Quite small fitting, so I opted for the size up. 4 1/2" heel.
Comfort: The lining of the shoes is a little scratchy after a long period, but no real issues with them.


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