Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Day 965 - I See The Way He Makes You Smile

Shoes: Pewter glitter 'Gosford' Topshop 

Quick post today of my outfit from yesterday. I went shopping for Christmas gifts after stressing about not being organised. Last time I was in a shop was October, long before Christmas was in my head! Plus I didn't expect other things to crop up every week, getting in the way of Christmas shopping. Anyway, I only have a couple more presents to get, but can't see me making it out of the house again before Christmas, so it'll have to be down to someone else to get for me. It really sucks being unable to just pop out to the shops when you feel like it-although I'm sure able-bodied people struggle due to work and having an actual life! Anyway, needless to say I'm wrecked today after carting home half a toy store! There wasn't much time for photos before leaving and it's getting dark scary-early now, but I managed to get decent enough shots of my outfit. I know I'm killing everyone with this dress, because it's really hard to find, but it's sooo ridiculously comfortable to wear and for the amount I paid, I'm going to wear it lots! I always feel like I have to hold the skirt out, so you can properly see Ariel (second full length shot)!

Wearing: Little Mermaid Ariel dress Hot Topic, leggings Primark, swallow cardigan Dorothy Perkins, Ariel and seahorse rings (taken from a set) H&M kids, turquoise ring my Grannys, pearl ring gift, flower midi ring Matalan.
Fit: True to size. Heel 4 3/4" and small concealed platform.
Comfort: Didn't have any issues with these.


  1. Love your outfit (that dress!) and those shoes look comfy and stylish so that's always good. I'm also still missing a few gifts but I'm going shopping later today (after uni and work) so it should finally be taken care of today. Then on to the wrapping...

    1. Argh the wrapping!!! I used to work on a perfume counter, so that was my job every year-wrapping fragrances and makeup for clueless men! I kinda hate it now though, I'm hopeless at it! Don't know where that skill went...x


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